Conspiracy Theory of the Month – #1

Dumbing Down – Part 1

Many commentators on the Right of the political spectrum have banged on for years about the steady lowering of standards in education. Left of Centre opinion holds that a different type of education is needed if modern children are to grow up able to cope with the emotional demands ofpost – industrial society. The truth ought to lie somewhere between these extremes but the HEADBUTT investigative team have found what is actually going on to be much more sinister. Evidence suggests that the trend known as Dumbing Down has been engineered by a conspiracy of the Government, the Financial Institutions and the Entertainment Industry.
Consider the evidence. When the social reformers of the nineteenth century introduced free education for all, the life expectancy of a human adult was 47 years. By the end of the century it was 74 years. Who but a stupid person would want an extra thirty four years of declining libido, failing memory, gradual loss of physical abilities and finally senility and incontinence?
The advantages of a stupid population to government, financial institutions and entertainment businesses are indisputable. The business benefits are obvious. A generation ago the majority of people understood money. You worked. Each week you got money. When that money was spent there was no more until payday. Simple. Everyone knew that spending more money than you had could only result in a visit from several big men with baseball bats. The idea was so good that humankind developed advanced civilisations using it as a model. Then somebody realised that if people could be encouraged to spend money they did not have the banks, rather than sitting on a pile of cash would own lots of debts which were earning interest. Debts have to be secure of course. Give people £50000 and they will head for Vegas. Tell them “we will buy a house for £50000 which you pay for in instalments, plus interest and on the day it becomes yours it will be worth £250000 and they think its a great deal. To have something worth £250k, more money than our great grandparents dreamed existed, would appeal to anybody. Nobody reads in the small print that the bank only agrees to buy you a house for $50k so long as you pay back, over twenty years £250k. Also, so long as a person lives they need somewhere to live so homebuyers are only rich when they are dead. The house scam worked so well it was extended to cars, consumer goods and holidays. We are so stupid we all think we are affluent even though thye money we are spending does not exist. The cash that the banks are advancing today is underwritten by the money we will earn tomorrow. How dumb had we to be in order to fall for that.
Now of course we are in a situation where we don’t own almost everything we own. If everybody wakes up to this society may collapse completely. Only an uneducated and compliant population would fail to spot the difference between ” I just bought a new TV” and “my credit card company just bought a new TV for me to watch.” if they stopped to think things through, so a whole industry has grown up around making sure nobody thinks. Lifestyle mags keep us constantly focused on our next acquisition, government policy keeps us constantly up to our necks in bureaucracy and big business keeps us up to our necks in dotcom bubbles, housing bubbles and other kinds of bubbles. We get out monthly bills, wonder how we are going to pay and console ourselves with another spending spree.
The really scary thing is that it is probably too late for the world to come to its senses. If everrybody woke up one morning and thought STOP! None of this is to my advantage it would be like letting a bit of antimatter loose in the heart of the sun. The Universe would implode.
Somebody has already started a “return to real money” campaign. I will not be joining however, because that may just be another conspiracy.


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