Some Interesting Links

This article in HuffPost’s green page had people asking if it was serious or a joke but aparently the author is deadly serious. Is a gas fuelled BBQ more environment friendly that a charcoal one? If we are being picky then an open cooking fire is the best, especially if we factor in the emmissions caused in making the BBQ hardware. In the end it makes little dfference if you are cooking grain fed meat on your fire. That involves using 8 pounds of food to create one, tearing down rainforest which in turn leads to erosion of fertile land and expansion of desert. We all have to change our lifestyle.

McCain says Obama’s word cannt be trusted. News from the American election, John McCain who changes his position more often than a porn movie actor, has accused Barak Obama of untruthfulness, indecisiveness and hypocrisy because Obama seems to change his position on every big issue according to which audience he is adressing. Words like pot and kettle come to mind

Remember the scandal of Maidstone hospital, where the boss had to resign over dirty wards after an outbreak of MRSA. Well the hospital management has not learned its lesson as Iain Dale reports. On a visit to a sick relative, Iain’s partner noticed a complete absence of cleaing staff and evidence that janitorial duties were being neglected.

A Conservative blogger says he enjoyed Cherie Blair’s autobiography. That’s a sign of how bad it really is.

What does Henley Mean for the Lib Dems? So was the by-election a disaster for the Liberal Democrats. Opponents are quick to write off the third party but though unspectacular their vote could point to a positive trend.

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