YouTube- Your Whacky Weapon Against Wikiterror

Being totally sceptical about the hype engine that drives the internet I always enjoy reading Andrew Keen’s very well thought through demolitions of self styled “Web Experts.”

The lastest fires a broadside at some crank named Krimmage (sound like the name of a cartoon character) who thinks You Tube is our best weapon in the war against terror, citing the absence of “censorship” (that’s quality control to those of us who love plain English) as a means of dishing the Islamist propaganda posted by Al Qaeda groups.

Poor Mr. Krimmage, typically of webheads he does not understand that Web2 or Wiki open sites are a great way to promote static “web 1” pages where significant and carefully presented content has a much longer shelf life.

Read the full story on Andrew Keen – Wikiterrorism


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