Some Acceptable Jokes About Barak Obama

he reaction of BarakObama and his campaign managers to the cover cartoon of New Yorker magazine shows another serious deficiency in the Democratic candidate. As well as a lack of policies, lack of honesty and lack of experience he totally laks a sense of humour. Not only are he and his suppoters not going to get any jokes made about Little Black Barak, they are going to play the victim card every time someone makes a joke about him.

But some of us have a lighter take on politics and share the view that anyone who takes himself that serriously does not deserve to be taken seriously. Having said that, we do not want to spent the next three and a half months having our ears bent by Obama supporters every time someone makes a joke about fried chicken or comedy ears.

So for the benefit of people who think all politicians are lying shits, here are a few acceptable jokes you can do about Brak Obama.

An Arab, a Jew and Barak Obama walk into a bar. What a fine example of an integrated community.

On a routine flight, the aircraft carrying Barak Obama and his campaign team few into the Bermuda Triangle. When the plane crash landed nobody was hurt but they were on the beach of an Island in a Kafkaesque parallel universe. As the team searched for things that might help them survive walking around for many hours in the hot sun. At last the Senator found an old oil lamp. He gave it a rub to see if the metal was corroded under the seaweed. Suddenly a genie appeared and said, “You have called me and now I must grant you three wishes. What is your first wish?”
“I’d like a glass of cool clean water that refills itself when somebody drinks it,” said the Senator.
You sure you wouldn’t prefer beer, champage? the Genie asked.
No, water will be fine, said Barak.
BING, the glass appeared in his hand and sure enough filled up as quickly as he drank it.
“And what can I grant you for your remaining wishes”, the Genie asked, “Tasty food, secure shelter, a bevy of beautiful virgins?”
“I’ll have another two of those please,” said Obama, “one for the thirsty of Africa and one for the thirsty of Asia.”

Michelle Obama was seen today wearing combat fatigues and with her hair in an afro. What’s wrong with that, retro feminist is one of the hottest looks this season according to fashion experts.

What’s the difference between a 747 and Barak Obama? A 747 stops whining when it gets to Heathrow Airport…………………………..and Barak Obama is a successful African American politician with a good change of being elected President.

Stick with those and not even an Obama nut can complain.

Obama’s Missing Sense Of Humour


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