Tell Me Again, Why Is Obama Being Popular With Our Allies a Bad Thing?

You have to stop encouraging Americans to delude themselves about Obama. It’s to be expected that his campaign manasgers will big up everything he does, and obviously the Presidentia election is of enormousr interest as the outcome will affect everybody on this planet (even if Obama gives little indication that he actually lives on this panet. But…
Writing in yesterday’s Guardian, Michael Tomasky was ranting about the significance of Obama’s meeting with Maliki as if these two nonentities had solved all the problems in the middle east in one short conversation. Maliki have never actually been in control of anything in Iraq, he is seen by other regional leaders as America’s puppet. Obama is a faily low ranking Congessman in the USA.

Similarly the Brandenburg Gate thing is pissing off a lot of people. Obama will not speak from “in front of The Brandenburg Gate” as his campaign, he will actually speak from in front of a monument remodelled by Hitler to celebrate the glories of the Third Reich. All this proves of course is Obama is so far up his own arse he will not see the light unless his throat gets cut.

Given all the things going for the Democrats it is amazing they have managed to pick possiblt the only candidate who could actually lose this time. Blined by vanity and arrogance he runs around acting as if he is already President, not just of the U.S.A. but of the World.
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