Will the Real Pro-life Party Please Stand Up?

Another Obama supporter who is not l,ikely to be setting foot on this planet any time soon. Forgetting that he is a deluded fantasist who has not yet stated a policy on anythin, lel alone the tough issues, how can Barak Obama formulates a policy that will reduce abortions without upsetting the religious right.

Look, the fundies hate recreational sex as much as they hate aboutions. The only way to reduce unwanted pregnancies is to offer free contraceptives, condoms, pill, morning aftrer pill. The pro-lifers abhor all of these, their position is abstinence only. The Republicans have failed to reduce aborion is because abstinence doesn’t work, never has, never will.

So what has Obama to offer? And would he want to offer anything, after all his ex best buddy Jeremiah Wright preaches that Planned Parenthood is a WASP conspiracy to exterminate the dark skinned races.

If you want to abort any further idiot articles on this topic you have gestating, read my article A Short History Of Contraception (Part 4) which deals with the modern era. (1 to 3, linked from the article deal with earlier periods of history. ) http://www.greenteethmm.com/aborcon4.html
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