Eff off and mind your own business Mr. Obama!!!

Huffington Post today seems to have dedicated itself to deifying Barry “Barak Obama” Soetorto. At least a third of America is eager to join in if the number of commentes on each nauseatingly sychphantic post are anything to go by.

Erm – sorry to spoil the party but those HuffPosters are all lavishing praise on Obama because of the colour of his skin and overlooking the man’s glaring inadequacies.  Example:

This morning we in the United Kingdom are informed that “President Obama” has said if  our government does not close the tax havens of Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands he will close them.

Does he realise:
He will be but is not yet president of The United States Of America
The United Kingdom is not part of the United States
The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, they are Sovereign territories which means The Queen of England is head of state but the islands are independent states with their own Parliament.
Tax havens such as The Channel Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg etc. play a vital role in world trade. Close them, you piss off Russia, China, most of the oil producing nations, most of the African tyrants Mr. Obama numbers among his friends (or blood relatives in at least one case) and of course Britain and the other EU nations. Most of the world in fact.

Instead of inflating Obama’s ego which is already out of control citizen journalists should, should they not, be reminding him that he is elected to run the USA not the rest of the world?

And given Mr Obama’s ignorance of geography, diplomacy and international law I think the Democrats are being very foolish in pillorying Sarah Palin for a slip of the tongue, especially when we remember Obama’s forged Birth Certificate (the one he had made up this summer) gives his father’s nationality as “African.”

We British satirical bloggers are sharpening our claws, knives etc. If we were not all atheists we would be thinking Obama was a gift from God.


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