Gold Diggers Of 2010

No, this is not a blog about somebody reviving those 1930s Busby Berkley musicals though with the current television obsession with dancing it would be no surpise if we hear it is about to happen.

And it’s not a blog about the gold diggers of the nineteenth century, men like my great grandad Timothy who went off into the wilderness to seek their fortune and were never seen again.

No, we are talking about the real gold diggers the celebrity WAGs who go into the matrital bed to seek their fortune. Elin Nordegren (Mrs Tiger Woods) is strutting around bragging about the $185 million divorce settlement she has been offered. Tiger Woods Wife Elin Divorce Settlement

Meawhile Boggaret Blog’s celebrity gossip columnist Totty Farquhar – Parkinson tells us she is hearing whispers that a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Heather Mills has been seen hanging around the hotel where Tiger is currently staying.

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7 Responses to “Gold Diggers Of 2010”

  1. rithompson Says:

    But that could be a concidence, right?! I mean, there must be other fabulously wealthy men staying in that hotel!

  2. robswan Says:

    Nasty! Would Tiger, the Duracell man, be content with getting his leg over one leg? Oh, Bitchy. Couldn’t help it but she has so much competition.

  3. pompeycaulkhead Says:

    “So Tiger. When your divorce is finalised would you consider going down on one knee again?”
    “I’d rather you called her Heather”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peter LIAM Says:

    ….Nah! Come on you, guys…let’s not be so sexist here…plenty of men benefit from extra marital rumpy-pumpy…What’s most memorable about Woody Allen? Why do we remember Boris Becker? What’s Hugh Grant’s best picture? Who even heard of Peter Robinson before his disclosures? As they say in show business, if you wanna to come from behind, stay behind…if you wanna get ahead, get a head…if you wanna stay on top, get on top…if you wanna come first, don’t come second…you gotta admit, there’s something to be said for exposing yourself…or was that George Michael?

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