There’s A Guy Works Down The Co-Op…….

Go back a few posts and you will come across the remarkable story of Tommy Cooper’s face appearing on a pie.
Look at the comment thread and you wil find the thoughts inevitable turn to Jesus, toast and pancakes.

Well here is something even more amazing…

The face of Jesus has appeared on one of the checkout staff in our local Co-Op!!!!

It’s true!!!!

One day he was an ordinary young man, spotty, greasy hair, shy, then overnight his complexion cleared, his hair grew, his beard sprouted and he became able to converse with all and sundry without going bright pink.

You want more proof?

Well all of a sudden the once sparse wine shelves are full to overflowing and they never seem to run out of bread even though they only ever have five loaves on the shelf. Wow!

(Note to Walrus: I fully realise that that may be two loaves but as we don’t actually teach anything to do with Jesus in schools anymore I can’t quite remember which way round it is, five loaves and two fishes or two loaves and five fishes…. perhaps I should check it on Wiki?)

Move Over Jesus


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2 Responses to “There’s A Guy Works Down The Co-Op…….”

  1. ianrthorpe Says:

    With all that water turning into wine you’ll be screwed if you want a bottle of Evian.

  2. sfg Says:

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