Madness Gone Politically Correct

The doughty campaigners of Boggart Blog have often been astounded by the sheer irrationality of many things done in the name of science or the pronouncements of “scientists.” Some of the most extreme instances of scientists demonstrating how far removed from reality they are have led us to question the sanity of the whole sub – species.

The latest thing they have come up with has left even our hardened journos gobsmacked.

It s not unreasonable to suspect the mental stability of people who spend their lives trying to make mice more intelligent, teach crocodiles to speak, molesting dumb animals in other ways or talking to dolphins but when they start thinking of their dolphon friends as real people we may be sure there are deep seated reality issues involved. What then are we to make of a new report from a team of scientists (marine zoologists we guess) who have demanded that in future dolphins be treated as “non – human persons.”

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I love dolphins. I do not think the Japanese should eat them, mammals do not belong in sushi. In my view however for humans to eat raw fish as dolphins do would be barbaric. Dolphins will only be the equal of humans when they demand their fish be served lightly grilled and accompanied by tartar sauce. I mean, what kind of human would eat raw fi…oh – um.

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5 Responses to “Madness Gone Politically Correct”

  1. rithompson Says:

    Me. I like my salmon smoked. Which is almost raw, actually!

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Yeah, well that’s what I thought of as I was typing the last line – or was I thinking of those media trendies and investment bankers who pay fortunes to eat little scraps of raw fich when they can get a really big, succulent, delicious portion of battered Haddock or Cod if you’re lucky from West End Chippy in Oswaldtwistle for less than £2.50

  2. loiswakeman Says:

    Ha! Put them (the PC people, not the dolphins) in the same pen as animal liberationists – AKA terrorists – and see who comes out top: perhaps a humane alternative to bear-baiting or dogfights?

    We are such a crap species in general, I can’t understand why people want to put animals on the same creaky pedestal. Cats know they are superior and dogs suspect they are but are too loyal to mention it. Dolphins are too cool to even think about it…

  3. sfg Says:

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