A different kind of snow in Spain sends people bananas

It may come as a small comfort to if you are trapped in your home by snow, have been stuck on a motorway all day while trying to travel to work or your ski holiday has been delayed because airports are closed and flights cancelled, but they are having record snowfall in China too. On the other hand if you are one of the people trapped in a pub on the North York moors for over a week you are probably past caring by now.

Meanwhile in Spain there is a problem with a different kind of snow. Staff at a number of Lidl stores in Spain’s indistrial cities have discovered bags of uncut cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas.

Unfortunately management reported the finds to police. If it had been given a place on the shelves we think the “snow” would have become the supermarkets most popular line.

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10 Responses to “A different kind of snow in Spain sends people bananas”

  1. rithompson Says:

    Put it on the shelves with bananas, and kids will be eating fruit in no time! :))

  2. robswan Says:

    Adds a whole new meaning to ‘Lidl gives best value and more.’

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