Naked Hindus Protest Against Global Waqrming

You know people are getting srriously insane about global warming when somethink like this happens. Thousands of Hindus gathered for the Kumbha Mela one of the biggest festivals of their religion got their kit off to send out a message that will make world leaders sit up and take notice.

Yeah right.

As these naked protesters are all about 90 we cannot see the protest having a big effect on public opinion. Had the naked Hindus been aged between 18 and 30 their protest might have made a difference.

People whould have cranked up the emissions producing tackle in the of seeing more naked protests.

Read the full story on naked Hindus

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13 Responses to “Naked Hindus Protest Against Global Waqrming”

  1. rithompson Says:

    The message could have been – “sort out climate change now, or we’ll get naked more often!”


  2. deleted user Says:


    I read in the full story in the NYdailynews the rhetoric question “When thousands of naked Hindus speak, will the world listen?”

    In accordance with some laws of Acoustics, the world might be able to hear their voices much better if naked (instead of clothed) Hindus will speak. For this, they will have to speak on hungry stomachs, thus their voices will get a better resonance. Because… the reinforcement of the sound of their voices by reflection from a surface like clothes is much weaker than that from a surface of a hollow cavity like their stomachs.

  3. ianrthorpe Says:

    Wow Justgrrl, you are a mine of information.

    I suppose in view of what you say it would be better if Muslims from neighbouring Bangla Desh got naked to make the world listen. Bangla Desh is always short of food. šŸ™‚

  4. robswan Says:

    Well at least they are all old so no’hard ons’ on display. I could imagine we Brits having a similar protest in the snow. No tumescence evident there either.Fat, well-nourished tummies, yes. Of course, with fish and chips shops closed, hunger could be an issue too.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Large crowds of naked people have a curiously depressing effect on the libido. I remember when Spencer Tunik the American conceptual artist got thousands of Gerodies to parade across the Tyne ?Bridge in Newastle nobody seemed to be getting excited about it.

      The cold wind blowing up the Tyne off the North Sea could have been a factor too I suppose. šŸ˜€

  5. deleted user Says:

    I am squirming and will not, not in a milion years, warm up to them stark naked nudist, especially since it is -2’C here and I even sleep in me socks.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      And take a hottie (in the old fashioned sense of a hot water bottle) to bed with you?

      I’ve had to resort to drinking Cocoa at bedtime. My wife demands I be hot enough for her to warm her feet on.

  6. sfg Says:

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