The State of The Nation Address, Brought To You By Proud Sponsors Weatherproof

I have long had the feeling, and indeed have voiced it in these pages, that Barack Obama is America’s answer to Tony Blair, Tony Blair Lite if you would. He has the gift of the gab, but unfortunately his words speak so much louder than his actions.

So given the Blair’s money grabbing ways, admittedly mostly to do with Cherie, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a billboard near Times Square in New York currently showing the Pres apparently modelling a Weatherproof Garment Company jacket, as the Great Wall Of China meanders into the background.

The President has, of course, identified a hitherto unexploited benefit of being the Pres. He gets to go to great locations, he is always followed by photographers and companies will probably be happy for him to be wearing their kit. So why not turn it into a spot of male modelling and get a bit extra lucre on the side?

Look out for The State Of The Nation Address, brought to you by proud sponsors Weatherproof.


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10 Responses to “The State of The Nation Address, Brought To You By Proud Sponsors Weatherproof”

  1. ianrthorpe Says:

    I heard from American friends that Michelle was standing in the background demonstrating an NCR cash register.

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