There’s Irony For You – Welsh Wonder Batters Thought Police

This week we have had one lot of scientists telling us to banish butter from our lives while another bunch are telling us processed fats are food from the dark side.

Isn’t it wonderful that in the week when the food and drink branch of the Politically Correct Thought Police have gone into orbit about our reluctance to give up tasty food and live on a fat free, taste free diet for the sake of our health, britain’s oldest working woman has dies aged 102.

And what Mrs. Connie Brown work as?

For 80 years she had worked in the chip shop she opened with her late hubby back in nthe days when cod and chips cost three ha’pence and Elephants were sevenpence for twenty. People who knew her said Connie, aka The Codmother (cue haunting melody played on mandolins) always enjoyed aportion of battered cod with chips from her shop’s industrial capacity deep fat fryers. She was admitted to hospital for the first time in her life only hours before she died.

So much for fatty food sending us to an early grave (story: Daily Telegraph.

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9 Responses to “There’s Irony For You – Welsh Wonder Batters Thought Police”

  1. jackfrost Says:
  2. luckystar2591 Says:

    If butter’s THAT bad for you what about ALL the people who lived before marg was invented???? Pretty sure life expentancy didn’t shoot up with the creation of flora. Its not like spread is the cure for cancer…or is it hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      I’ve always said this. If people were doing things that were so terrible for them for hundreds of years how come they managed to seed future generations.

  3. rithompson Says:

    That’s the secret then – cod and chips everyday! So it’s not chocolate, then?

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Chocolate is a good anti oxidant (they don’t tell us that do they?) and all the spices that go into making a good curry are incredibly health giving, anti – bacterial, anti – viral, stimulate this, activate that.

      In fact all the things the authorities say are bad for us are really good.

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