Afghan War: Brown Pledges To Support Taliban

Just when you thought politicians could not possibly get more stupid one of the breed goes and does something so moronic that you are left gobsmacked again.

We refer of course to the announcement by Gordon Brown of a new fund that will be used by British military personnel to pay off Taliban fighters who give up their weapons and renounce violence.

Given the track record of Afghans for fighting anybody and everybody all the time, often changing sides in a war because someone has offered them more money, we are again astounded that Gordon Brown and his advisers at the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence once again refuse to see what is staring them in the fucking face.

The Taliban fighters will stampede to give up their WW2 rifles or AK47s stolen during the Russian occupation.

“I renounce violence, here’s my gun now give me the money.” they will say. Then, trousering the cash they will vamos mucho quicko to the local illegal arms dealer to buy a better gun stolen only recently from the Americans.

What a way to fight a war.

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14 Responses to “Afghan War: Brown Pledges To Support Taliban”

  1. technomist Says:

    The trouble with Brown is that he just thinks he can solving any problem by printing more money and giving it away to anyone, anywhere, who wants it, no matter how nasty.

  2. deleted user Says:

    :)Well, in an illegal war started by the New Labour party – it is only fair that both sides are suppported equally.:)

  3. ianrthorpe Says:

    You have to admit Labour have been successful at redestributing wealth, they have redistributes shitloads of money from the poor to the rich 😀

  4. jackfrost Says:

    Wonderwhat he would do if all the brit soldiers asked if they could join the scheme:>>

  5. robswan Says:

    What a bunch of arseholes Karzai and Brown are. You can’t bribe the Taliban. They want to rule the country again. They’re joining up daily (why do people know the war is escalating—because the Taliban are not losing).
    Sure, as someone said, they’ll take the cash and buy better arms. An old sage wrote a long time ago:If you have ruled once, the thirst for ruling again is insatiable.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Afghanistan is probably even more ungovernable than the USA. Our politicians should get their heads round that and let Afghns sort out Afghan affairs. It is after all their country no matter what we think of how they run it, treat their women or hide under their beards.

  6. luckystar2591 Says:

    hmmmm maybe they could apply this technique to inner cities, give up your violent ways and we’ll pay you. The BBC would LOVE it, that bald guy don could present it, call it Cash for Asbos!!! I feel a future labour unturn policy in the wind. You owe me for this one Gordon!

  7. ianrthorpe Says:

    That could be an election winner. If you must tell anyone tell Clegg. He’s liabe to do less harm than anyone else.

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