Apple iPad Will Not Rewrite The Book

Amid much hype Steve Jobs the world’s top celebrity CEO launched the latest gadget from Apple. Apple addicts were thrilled to the core but will the new gadget for reading e-books ever replace Johannes Gutenberg’s big idea?

It almost moved me to poetry: Here, in the style of E.J. Thribb is my initial reaction.

And so, Jobs
in an era of no jobs
you have given us the iPod,
a computer without keyboard
or knobs.

Hmm, quite promising that. I might try to finish it sometime.

The iPad is a rather late entry into the e-reader market which is already looking overcrowded. With offerings from Amazon, Sony, BeBook, iRiver, Bookeen, Elonex and a few others (e book readers, reviews) already competing for market share it’s possible there are more e – book readers than there are e books to read on them.

The iPad will sell of course, Apple are the Michael Jackson of technology manufacturers, they make mediocre products that engender a kind of fiercely defensive attitude usually only found among followers of crackpot religious cults. Telling an Apple geek they could have bought a piece of kit that would do much more so much better for half the price is like telling a Scientologist L Ron. Hubbard was a con man.

No matter how many versions of the iPad Apple decide to release, the faithful will buy them all just as Michael Jackson fans used to buy the same album over and over again because it kept being re-released in a different cover.

Beyond the precincts of the Apple cult’s compound however, among those not in thrall to the Pontifex Maximus Jobs, high priest of the God “i” how well received will the iPad be? Will it be the gadget that finally kills Gutenberg’s technology? To be honest we doubt it, the iPad will find a niche within the niche of the gadget addict market occupied by e book readers but would a serious reader want to read a volume of fiction or non fiction or a collection of favourite poems on a device the name of which makes them think of female personal hygiene requisites.

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3 Responses to “Apple iPad Will Not Rewrite The Book”

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  2. ipaddeals Says:

    I now have been using my iPad for two days. It has gone through a full day workout with my kids (who are enthralled by it) and a full day of work as an itinerant professional in the public schools, using apps that I had purchased for my iPod Touch and using the Netflix app. It has been used as a remote desktop for work; a note taking device; a book reader; a word processing device; and a music player. The only thing it has not yet been used for is games. Movies look impressive on Netflix. As a remote desktop, it runs fairly zippy on a local network, but a tad slow over the Internet. All of my iPod Touch apps run fast, although half of them look somewhat granular in 2X mode. Pages runs really well and opens all of my templates. Someone had commented that it messes up formatting when transferring between files, although this has not been the case with me. Regarding weight, it is lighter than I thought. I can easily whip it out of my carrying case and jot a quick note in the hall. The wifi reception rivals my MacBook. I have yet to drain the battery to check battery life. Overall, it has performed impressively. The only negative thing right now is the fingerprints when the iPad is off. It can look really dirty and I find myself cleaning it often.

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    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Ah so what you’re really saying is you sell iPads for a living. OK.

      If I want to read e-books I will buy a Sony e-book reader which is cheaper and performs better. If I want to surf the net I will continue to do it on my PC, on which I can also type documents, do my accounts, edit photos and movies burn CDs and DVDs build web pages and creadte 3D graphics.

      If I want to watch a movie I will do it on my TV which has a decent sized screen and if I want to listen to music and cannot get to a live gig I have an excellent Hi FGi system.

      I haven’t much time for childrens’ toys really.

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