Homeopathy: A Massive Overdose Protest

It is strange the Boggart Blog team finds that mere mention of the word “homeopathy” will send the science-is-god fellowship into a spluttering, incoherent, apoplectic rage. At risk of bringing the wrath of the evangelical scientists upon us then:


The reasons for that apparently redundant repetition will become apparent.

My own view is that I have never tried homeopathic remedies and do not intend to. What pisses me off about the homeophobics is that one cannot simply say “I know bugger all about it, if people think it works for them well, it’s their life.” A homeophobic cannot leave it at that, they will not let you be neutrally uninterested, oh no. They have to try to bully you into agreeing with them.
“But the stuff is diluted so much blah blah,” they scream. Yeah, am I bovvered, I don’t use it.

“But its unscientific, there’s no scientific evidence…” Yeah, so what. The flight of bees is unscientific but I’m not going to stop eating honey.

Many people believe homeopathic remedies have cured long standing complaints in the way I believe a couple of glasses of red wine several times a week protects me against swine flu, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and The Dreaded Lurgi in a way that no vaccine or drug ever could. The science-is-god faction cannot just accept these are opinions, they are determined to not allow anybody to think anything that is not scientific. They have to start ranting about how there is no scientific evidence to support claims that homeopathy works (which apparently proves it does not work) and that an excess of alcohol can result in many serious health problems later in life.

Their favourite tactic when faced with demonstrations that somebody has suddenly showed a gobsmacking lack of symptoms shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy is to put it down to pure coincidence.

Like all fringe religious cults the science is religion cult attracts a lot of nutters who would probably make great homeopaths if they could overcome their prejudices.

There are probably many such nutters in the Merseyside Sceptics Society (which should be named the Merseyside Selective Sceptics Society, you can bet they are not in the least sceptical about climate change science or the large hadron collider) who today will be indulging their OCD – like need to go on about how unscientific homeopathy is by getting together outside Boots Chemist in Liverpool and staging a mass overdose protest against the chain store selling homeopathic remedies. Protesters claim they will eat who bottles of homeopathic pills to show the medications are not effective. Similar protests are taking place around the world.

A spokesman for the Selective Sceptics said Boots should stop selling these “medicines” because it is promoting “unscientific thinking.” A Boots spokeman said the company does not force anyone to buy homeopathic medicince, they are simply responding to customer demand.

Do you spot the failure of logic on the part of the selective sceptics here. There are many conventional treatments a small does of which will cure but which can be eaten in much larger quantities without harm resulting. So isn’t the protest as unscientific as the protesters say homeopathy is? Oh well religious cults, even the science-is-god cult have never been big on that common sense kind of logic.

What would really be a wonderful coincidence however is if one or two of the protesters collapse and die of strokes or heart attacks after eating their massive protest overdose of pills.

Now you know why “homeopathy” is so massively overused in this blog post.

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4 Responses to “Homeopathy: A Massive Overdose Protest”

  1. ben3nevis Says:

    Sorry, I can’t get excited about this. My father tried Homeopathy but he died. My mother didn’t try it and she died. You pays your money and you takes your choice. I think Homeopathy is nonsense but if you want to spend your money that way then good luck to you as long as you don’t want a contribution from my taxes.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Not seen you for a while, had a good holiday?

      I can’t get excited about this argument either but I do find it comically pastronising of the “sceptics society” that all their efforts to persyade people to their view only promote the products they oppose.

      On the other hand you are right in saying taxpayers should not fund homeopathy. Nor should they fund a lot of “talking therapies” that are based on equally bogus sciences, sex changes, cosmetic surgery because someone does not like the shape of their nose or sex changes.

      It’s no wonder health costs are out of control.

      • ben3nevis Says:

        Not on holiday. Just reviewing my geriatric health status to see which way I should vote on the euthanasia debate. I guess that once I become unable to contribute to these columns it might be time to offer up my body for the future of the planet. Just not sure if that would be a carbon neutral gesture?

  2. Sandra Says:

    Right on! Wonderful article. I agree, why do they have their knickers in such a knot about homeopathy?

    From what I’ve seen homeopathy works and should be funded- so be it.

    And I don’t believe in doing or funding preventative breast removal to prevent breast cancer. I’m skeptical about that procedure. It sounds rather dreadful. But thousands around the world get it done and there are many surgeons who happily do the procedure.

    Mind you, I don’t think soon I will be doing a protest about that procedure- like standing in front the hospital bare chested with knife in hand bleating skeptical scientisms about it. But so be it.

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