Google “Evil Empire” Plans To Hijack Your Car

We have blogged many times to the effect that the world’s most control freaky corporation is building an evil empire. Did you give Google permission to take pictures of your house or store and share details of your web activity? Thought not.

Did you give Google permission to broadcast details of your purchases to the world? Thought not.

Now Google is planning to hijack your car. In their continuing effort to help neo – nazi governments abolish individualism Google has been testing cars that drive themselves.

So will this give Google control of your movements? You’d be a fool to allow it to. Take a look at what happens when we let a computer system give us directions:

Van Airlifted After Satnav Blunder
The incredible images our link lesads to show the moment a white Opel van had to be airlifted from a mountain – after a satellite navigation system had directed the driver to travel up it.

The driver, 37-year-old Robert Ziegler, was making a delivery to Bergun, Switzerland, using his GPS unit for directions.

Unfortunately, the unit directed Mr Ziegler up a narrow mountain pathway, which he continued to follow until he became well and truly stuck. “I was lost and I kept hoping that each little turn would get me back to the main road,” he said.By the time the satnav had decided it was time to ‘make a legal u-turn’ the van was wedged between a fence and a stone wall.

Imagine the potential for disaster if you let the computer take over the controls.

Now, having read that have a look at our other sat – nav  (below) on the disasters that have hapened when technological failure meets a failure of human intelligence and then ask yourself: If these idiots trusted a computer to give them directions and this shit happened would I really, seriously think of letting an effing search engine control my car. Think here of the man who googled a crossword clue, wild asian ass, and was pointed to a load of Indian porn sites. Think of the time you googled roast quail hoping to find a recipe for the tasty birds and were direcred to a site for paedophile Premiership fooballers. Think of the time you googled Stones and were shown an ad for a beer brewed in Sheffield.

We ask again, seriously would you let those festering gobshites at Google control your car for you?

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How Google Destroyed the Internet
The idea of the internet was that it would be a communications tool that freed information by making all public domain documents, libraries and archives accessible for everyone. Unfortunately the corporate monopoly men of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook and political control freaks had other ideas. They also understood the technolgy while the hippies and liberals ignored professionals warnings that internet systems would become a perfect toool of censorship.</p>


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