The slow murder of democracy by mainstream media

The news industry seems more and more to exist only serve vested interests and increasingly those working in the industry seem interested not in the fair and unbiased reporting of evends and the uncovering of truth that lies buried under blankets of political chicanery and bureaucratic obfuscation but only in advancing certain political agendas …

The Slow Murder Of Democracy By Mainstream Media


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4 Responses to “The slow murder of democracy by mainstream media”

  1. MichaelStMark Says:

    There’s always Aljazeera on freeview, giving a more internationally-flavoured and I sense reasonably unbiased news cocktail.
    BBC and Sky ‘casters read from more or less the same increasingly selective prompter – maybe that’s what you’re noticing?

  2. lee954 Says:

    I watch Russia Today quite a lot…it’s not always the truth, but it’s biases are more honest.

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