Are governments and utility firms using bad science to rob us?

A new report issued under the radar by the UK Meteorological Office shows there has been no increase in the average global temperature for sixteen years. So why are governments pressing ahead with green energy schemes? Could it be the whole thing was a scam to justify imposing punitive carbon taxes. I told you so.
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Governments and Corporations Using Bad Science To Rob Us


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2 Responses to “Are governments and utility firms using bad science to rob us?”

  1. deleted user Says:

    I believe anything now about these utility firms as for the government…!!

  2. MichaelStMark Says:

    Dead right Ian and well done on producing a great article.
    So your readers may well have noticed the recent ministerial slight of hand in swopping ” global warming” for – you guessed it- Climate Change.

    So now hey presto forget warming, CO2 levels now magically cause more extreme weather events – an easy one to fudge & load the stat’s dice with.

    Renewables – another great way to launder taxpayers’ dosh into pinstriped back pockets while putting out alarming BS propaganda to guilt-trip questioners into feeling like goddam holocaust deniers.

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