The Reason For Cameron’s U Turn On Gay Marriage

OK folks, best sit down, pour yourselves a strong drink and get ready for a shock. Did you perhaps think David Cameron after saying that same sex marriage was not a priority just weeks ago had suddenly decided it is his coalition government’s top priority to amend the law to allow bearded Queens to mince up the aisle in bridal gowns because he has been persuaded by the articulate, resonable and persuasive arguments of the gay rights lobby?

Wrong! He has been given his orders by his bosses in Brussels. Yes, our Prime Minister takes orders from unelected bureaucrats. We lost World War 2 and are now part of a European Bueaucratic Dictatorship.

Want proof?

EU Parliament votes to force same-sex “marriage” on all member states

Not recognising the name of this site I treated it as unreliable and checked the EU Parliament archives. And it turns out the story is in essence true.

How democracy died in Europe by Roger Simon

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4 Responses to “The Reason For Cameron’s U Turn On Gay Marriage”

  1. shadow-world Says:

    Also its a handy smokescreen to cover his crimes against humanity. Just like every sodding Royal story.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      If you have any particular crimes in mind let me know and I’ll address them. but remember, being a cunt is not a crime. If it was all politicians would be in prison (except lovely Caroline Flint)

  2. Athelstan Says:

    I watched the video and read the piece by Roger Simon. It’s frightening how readily liberal Europeans accept illiberal men into their democratic ranks. One lone, brave voice crying out in a sea of moral cowardice. Isn’t THIS what we fought a world war to extinguish?

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