Scientists Claim To Have Developed Under The Skin Blood Testing Device – But What Is It Really For?

Scientists claim they have developed a blood-testing device packed with microscopic components that sits under the skin and gives instant results via satellite to a government surveillance centre health agency who can send out an emercency team to help anyone feeling ‘a bit under the weather’. Well science was ever fascism’s whore.

The Swiss researchers say the devive – half an inch (14mm) long – can simultaneously check for up to five different substances in the blood. We suspect these will be alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, sex hormones and the stuff thsat makes tasty food tasty. If the local Gauleiter suspects you have been enjoying yourself they will be a SWAT team on your tail pronto.

The subtely behind this plan is that it can be sold as being ‘for your own good’ where previous surveillance state schemes to implant an RFID chip in everybody could only have been aimed at allowing Nazi goons working for the government to kep tabs on us. Let’s get real, nothing this or any government does is for our good, if they tell us it is, chances are it’s part of the agenda to enslave us all.

The chip is designed to be inserted, using a needle, into the interstitial tissue just beneath the skin of the abdomen, legs or arms. And it could remain there for months before needing to be replaced or removed.

Other researchers have been working on similar implantable monitoring devices, but Prof Giovanni de Micheli and lead scientist Sandro Carrara say their under-the-skin test is unique because it cannot be removed without cutting ourselves open can measure many different markers at the same time.

They say it will be particularly useful for monitoring chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes as well as tracking the impact of drug treatments such as chemotherapy. Bullshit, people have carried on for years with high cholesterol, the government has no nedd to track their movements and the majority of diabetics, once diagnosed, manage their condition without having to be followed around by government snoopers.

Altogether this sounds like the plan the U S government snbeaked into Obama’s healthcare bill to facilitate chipping everybody. Well here’s how to beat the Nazis:

How To Disable An Under Skin RFID Chip

A lot of people are worried about a legally enforced plan to implant RFID chips into everybody as part of the new social engineering program known as Obamacare. Being British I’m not making any comment on that as it does not concern me.

There is a lot of bad information about RFID chips on the web. The government have not been liaising with aliens to develop this technology, it is terrestrial and very simple. Disabling an RFID chip in a credit card, company ID card or passport can be achieved by hitting the chipped item with a hammer, piercing it with a nail or a screwdriver or sticking it in the microwave for thirty seconds. Obviously those items are useful to us and it would be counter productive to destroy them. Simply putting the suspect item in a Faraday cage (i.e. wrapping it in metal foil) will stop it exchanging signals with monitoring devices.

In the case of  implanted chips, you would not want to hit yourself with a hammer or cook yourself but it is still easy and very cheap to deal with RFID chips.

Rare earth magnets called Neodymium magnets will nullify chips and can be bought online from retailers like CMS magnets or magnets4less (both Tx) or emagnets or first4magnets (UK should these products suddenly become unavailable in the USA – ) Neodymium magnets are known as the strongest in the world and the kind available for less than $1 from these suppliers can lift 10lbs of steel.

Locate the chip on your body and use surgical tape to fix a magnet in place with the north pole to your skin. A compass will tell you which side of the magnet is north. For chips close to the skin surface leave the magnet in place for 24 hours, for deeper chips (in you back, thigh, butt or implanted in large muscle masses) for 48 hours. This is probably far longer than needed but no sense taking chances.

And a final reassurance, I don’t have financial interest in magnet suppliers or manufacturers 🙂

Surveillance society


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