Nothing to hide

You have nothing to fear of you have done nothing wrong.
They’ve all said it, Blair, Brown, various Labour home secretaries as their wretched, illiberal government churned out new laws faster than the Stationery Office could purchase paper to print them all on, Cameron and Hague, Obama and Bush …

CCTV Surveillance? Only those who are up to no good need worry about it.

Electronic eavesdropping on phone and internet activity?
If you have nothing to hide what are you afraid of the government snooping on your computer?

Computer system security failures?
If you are a law abiding citizen why do you not want your personal data published online?

The shits who rule us and the whores who service them don’t seem to understand the simple principle of privacy, that if what we do is within the law its none of their fucking business.

Here’s a reminder of why we must not surrender that principle.

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