Clegg Claims Right To Deny Others Free Speech

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg claims he is entitled to call Tory climate science sceptics “deniers” despite a warning by the government’s chief scientist that it is an “abusive” term.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that while he accepts the advice of Sir Mark Walport, he does not agree with his choice of “verbs, adjectives and nouns”.

The use of the term climate deniers has become increasingly controversial after John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister, said that the term was used with “malice aforethought” by those who want to silence sceptics.

On Wednesday, Sir Mark told MPs that he was uncomfortable with the term. He said: “As far as possible it is always best to avoid abuse.

A spokesman for the Conservatives said they don’t care what Nick Clegg calls them so long as he does not complain when they call him an ineffectual, woolly brained, hand wringing, limp wristed TWAT.


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