Strawberry, Vanilla Or Beaver Shite … I Mean Chocolate

I’m all for making sure what we eat is a hundred per cent natural and not balled about with by scientists. If nature had intended tomatoes to be able to live in sea water, evolution would have given them wings and gills.

And what natural process could have made Planters Peanuts smell of farts when you open the packets. It’s enough to make you think those creepy coneheads are putting poo in our food.

In fact, talking of farty smells,no matter how fanatical a back to nature freak would you have to be to use Beavers’ arse wipings as food flavouring?

You think I’m kidding? No way.

Not content with putting monkey genes in our strawberries so they will climb sticks and more plants can be put in a growbag or frog genes in chickens so they lay a few thousand eggs at a time, food scientists have been putting beaver poo in all sorts of things, including ice cream.

Millions of people across the globe are eating beaver shite and don’t even know that they’re consuming such a noxious substance.

The stuff is called “castoreum,” and it’s emitted from the castor sacs within the rodent’s anus. For a beaver, this slimy brown substance is used to mark its territory, but for us humans, it’s used as an additive that is often euphemistically labeled as “natural flavoring” in the foods we eat – vanilla, strawberry and raspberry probably being the most common.’

Well it is natuural alright but so is hemlock and nobody is eating that.

Why is beaver shitecastoreum used? The most notable characteristic (after being processed) has to be the smell of castoreum. Instead of smelling horrible, like most people would expect from an anally produced secretion, it has a pleasant scent, which supposedly makes it a perfect candidate for food flavoring and other products.

The question that many people put forth would have to be “who in their right mind actually made this odd discovery?” What white coated idiot first thought, “I’ll have a taste of this shite.”

Well OK a lot of them, but that was when they went in MacDonalds.

Another industry that utilizes castoreum is the fragrance world. For decades, perfume manufactures have been using it to make various types of fragrances. These anal secretions are said to contain around 24 different molecules, many of which act as natural pheromones. From perfumes to air fresheners, castor sacs are quite versatile within the fragrance industry.

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