Colleges And Universities are breeding grounds for lunacy

There are some very strange people in the Higher Education system, I met a few when I was lecturing. I suppose you could failrly say everyone in that environment is a bit strange. OK, we are, and those who have spent their whole life in education either as students or teachers are the strangest by a long street. I never encountered any as stange as the Amercan Professor Noel Ignatieff, who recently urged all his students who were white and male to commit suicide.

The irony is Prof. Ignatieff is white and male … and abviously as mad as a box of frogs. Take a look:

from Before Its News

“Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev has a very strange opinion and his comments in the videos below and to his own class on the last day he was a teacher has stirred up a firestorm. Professor Ignatiev has urged his white male students to commit suicide. Saying things such as “if you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live”, Ignatiev sounds quite like one of Beforeitsnews’ ‘stalkers’, who consistenly blame white males for EVERYTHING wrong in the world. This guy Ignatiev is a piece of work.

“If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others!” Professor Noel Ignatiev, a tenured professor at Massachusetts College loudly proclaimed to his class last Monday, his final teaching day before retirement.”

Well what can we say of Prof Noel; if we forget the plays of Shakespeare, the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and The Beatles the poetry of Tennyson, Dante Aligheri, Rimbaud and Goethe, the novels of Zola, Steinbeck, Cervantes, Dostoyevsky, the Ford Model T, the E type Jaguar, the art of Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Dali, Rembrandt and Turner, the philosophy of Spinoza or Kirkegaad, Rutherford’s splitting the atom or Priestley’s many discoveries in physics and chemistry and and so on (this is not a definitive list just a few examples that spring to mind) I suppose the crazy cunt might have a point.

To date we have heard nothing about when or how Professor Ignatieff plants to terminate himself. As the man is obviously an attention seeker, if he want to go for spectacle and, generate maximum TV news coverage we suggest self immolation. Alternatively his family could do the world a favour and have him banged up in a padded cell.

And if you don’t believe this article, here’s the man himself.

Evolution: Theory Or Fiasco
Teacher forced out for teaching 8-9 year olds it’s OK to be gay


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