Ukraine was a regime change coup straight from the CIA playbook – Prof Francis Boyle

‘But, the United States’ government has been overthrowing democratically elected governments since the Mosaddegh Government in Iran and putting the Shah of Iran in power: so said Kermit Roosevelt, and even as he publicly bragged about it in his book Countercoup, there is even have a manual in circulation at the CIA dealing with how you overthrow governments.

So it seems to me this was a playbook coup d’état by the CIA. Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, working with the US Ambassador, we now have the tape on that. So this is a classic coup d’état, and working with what I can call ‘the brown shirts’ over there: Svoboda, the right sector, the Bandera people, think of these groups as The BNP times one million or Hitler’s storm troopers on speed, they’re right wing extremist nasty fuckers and the idiotic lefties in Britain, the Eurozone and the USA were so incensed about Putin being a bit harsh towards bearded queens in bridal gowns, they stupidly backed the neo Nazis to overthow a democratic, right wing government just as they had backed the human organ noshing religious fanatics in Syria.’

As I have said before, not all groups who rise against government are brave freedom fighters who just want freedom, democracy, lurve and peace and bearded queens in bridal gowns mincing up the aisles of churches*, and not all tough, undemocratic regimes are gleefully evil, most believe they are doing what needs to be done to maintain stability. And given what has happened in countries recently destabilised by western intervention, only an idiot (or possibly a university economics or sociology lecturer) would not agree that they might have a point.

In times of peace the rich get richer, the poor get poorer; in times of war the rich get richer, the poor get shot. This is the truth.

*I’ve nothing against bearded queens in bridal gowns but I hate leftie fuckwits who think gay rights issues are more important that avoiding global war.

Prof Francis Boyle on Ukraine CIA Coup

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