Parrot sleuth – joke

March 2, 2014

IndiaTimes has a story about a parrot that solved his owner’s murder.

“On February 20, an unknown killer murdered Neelam, the wife of Vijay Sharma, a Hindi newspaper editor.

The killer stabbed both Neelam and the family dog to death in her Balkeshwar colony home. During the homicide investigation, Sharma began to notice his parrot’s strange behavior.

Whenever Sharma’s nephew, Ashutosh Sharma Goswami, visited the house and walked past the parrot, it brooded. The rattled bird’s strange behavior aroused suspicion among family members. Sharma’s family began mentioning names in the parrot’s presence. When family members mentioned Goswami, the parrot chanted “Usne maara, Usne maara.” Which means “he has killed.”

After the family told the police of their suspicions, authorities questioned Goswami about the homicide. He admitted to robbing and killing his aunt with the help of an accomplice. Goswami killed her because she could identify him. Authorities have charged both men with murder.”

Read full story at <a href="March%202,%202014%20%20The%20India%20Times%20reported%20a%20strange%20story%20about%20a%20parrot%20that%20solved%20his%20owner's%20murder.%20On%20February%2020,%20an%20unknown%20killer%20murdered%20Neelam,%20the%20wife%20of%20Vijay%20Sharma,%20a%20Hindi%20newspaper%20editor.%20%20The%20killer%20stabbed%20both%20Neelam%20and%20the%20family%20dog%20to%20death%20in%20her%20Balkeshwar%20colony%20home.%20During%20the%20homicide%20investigation,%20Sharma%20began%20to%20notice%20his%20parrot's%20strange%20behavior.%20%20Whenever%20Sharma's%20nephew,%20Ashutosh%20Sharma%20Goswami,%20visited%20the%20house%20and%20walked%20past%20the%20parrot,%20it%20brooded.%20The%20rattled%20bird's%20strange%20behavior%20aroused%20suspicion%20among%20family%20members.%20Sharma's%20family%20began%20mentioning%20names%20in%20the%20parrot's%20presence.%20When%20family%20members%20mentioned%20Goswami,%20the%20parrot%20chanted%20…%20Read full story at India |Times

This reminds me of a story I once heard (if you’re a member of my family you know what’s coming)

A man who kept a parrot (which he had trained through repetition to say “Who is it” when anyone knocked on the door) had a problem with his heating one day, so he called a plumber who promised to come round first thing in the morning. Plumbers have their own ideas of first thing of course so the next morning the house owner held on as long as he could then had to go to work.

“I don’t want to leave a key under the mat,” the thought, “this neighbourhood has been going downhill.”

So he reasoned that if the just left the house the plumber would understand he’d had to go out and call his mobile phone.

Around midday the plumber came and knocked on the door and said “It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the pipes”. And a voice said “Who is it?”

And the plumber knocked again and said a bit louder, “It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the pipes.” and the parrot said “Who is it?” and the plumber knocked again and said “IT’S THE PLUMBER I’VE COME TO FIX THE PIPES.” and the parrot said “Who is it?” and the plumber hammered on the door and yelled


and the parrot said “Who is it?” and the plumber punched and kicked and headbuuuted the door and roared, “


and the parrot said “Who is it.” And the plumber had a massive heart attack and dropped dead on the doorstep. When the owner of the house arrived home he saw the dead body on his doorstep and said, “bugger me a dead bloke, who is it?” And the parrot said, “It’s the plumber, he’s come to fix the pipes.”

Greenteeth – humour and satire


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