World On The Brink

Extended Europe - phase 1
Extended Europe – phase 1 – source

Everybody in the developed world must be aware of events in Ukraine by now. And if you are aware you should be worried (unless your name is Alfred E Neumann). Most people are not worried, or not nearly worried enough because our tightly controlled media are neither telling us the full story nor joining up the dots. How many reports that you have read or heard mention that the unrest leading up to the coup d’etat in Kiev was stirred up by the USA and the EU?

How many have reminded you of Barack Obama’s openly expressed wish to see not only Turkey and Ukraine but most of the former Soviet Republics of eastern Europe, along with the terrorist dominated states of the middle east and north Africa incorporated into an extended European Union or that Obama’s wish echoes a long term agenda pursued by the unelected bureaucrats who lead the EU (extended Europe) or that leaders of the G8 and G20 and delegates to the World Economic Forum are discussing a move to abolish national sovereignty and create a global totalitarian government

The United Nation, EU, IMF, World bank, OECD and most other supra national bureaucracies are part of the project.

For some years now they have been intensifying their efforts to destabilize the world and spread so much fear and panic that populations will feel there is no safe alternative that to sacrifice our freedom, national sovereignty and traditional culture for the illusory security of a neo Nazi dictatorship modeled on the Big Brother regime of George Orwell’s novel 1984. People will say 1984 is only fiction. Not so fast, Orwell was a socialist in the 1930s until he realised that the plans his comrades, the elitists who had hijacked the working class movement, were planning involved Karl Marx’s wet dream scenario of a single global state ruled by an educated elite (or meritocracy) in which national and personal sovereignty were abolished (If you doubt me, read Marx’s Communist Manifesto or if you’d rather something lighter, Orwell’s animal Farm which accurately satirizes the agenda.

The intellectuals of the left you see have always despised the masses they claim, so noisily, to care about, regarding the non elite as infantile, television-booze-and-drug addicted knuckle draggers. To the elite the only thing that matters is advancing the agenda. And if they have to declare war on the people of the world and exterminate two or three billion of us, what does it matter so long as ‘the agenda’ is served.

That war is on, it started in Georgia a tiny nation in the Caucasus (the neck of land between the black Sea and the Caspian)in 2008. On the map that green bit on the east coast of the Black Sea, just below Russia (in yellow) and east of Ukraine is Georgia. That was the location chosen for the first trial run of the destabilization / regime change / New World Order friendly puppet government blueprint used not very successfully in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Mali and now Ukraine. Sorry if you don’t like the phrase New World Order, what alternative should I use, global dictatorship, military / industrial complex?

They are all a tad tainted due to the efforts of propaganda shills employed to manipulate opinion. read more HERE,HERE,,HERE, HERE and HERE, sorry about the link overkill, if I post just one propaganda stooges will say it is not enough and if I don’t provide a cross section from left and right of sources, they will say I’m biased.

United States Intelligence backed by the UK and France, tried in 2008 to gain a firm foothold on the Black Sea which would give the FUKUS axis control of an area that Russia has always felt was vulnerable.

The Georgia move was tactical overreach and failed completely for many reasons but mainly because Georgians to their credit are awkward, bloody minded bastards who were happy to give Russia a bloody nose but were not willing to be bossed around by America or the EU. This might be why the western powers are this time working from inside Ukraine and Crimea which is not a small, ethnically cohesive nation but a large and ethically fragmented area.

Ukraine, as a legacy of the old Soviet Union, is host to Russia’s most important trading ports, naval base and oil and gas terminals. The New World Order plan to destabilize Ukraine is following in the exact pattern of those already carried out in Georgia in 2008, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and Mali and looks very similar to what is currently happening in Nigeria, Uganda, Venezuela and Thailand. There’s a problem however, they seem to have got the hand of destabilization but can’t master the bit about installing stable, pro western puppet governments.

Alfred E Neumann
“What? Me, worry” – Alfred E Neumann


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