Impending Disaster That Is Not Ukraine Related

It has been par for the course throughout the 21st century and most of the 20th that the news you heard on broadcast media news or read about in the press is not the stuff that mattered. here’s a story that has been bubbling (oops, pardon!) for some time that dwarfs Ukraine, Syria, the economic crisis, climate change and even the imminent invasion by aliens that I keep reading about but can find no hard evidence of. It concerns the state of the supervolcano under Yellowstone Park in the north west USA.

from Intellihub:
In what may prove to be bad news for a one-thousand mile swath of the United States, the massive Yellowstone supervolcano may be on the brink of a massive explosion that would be categorized as an extinction level event (ELE).

In fact, recent reports suggest that ancient Helium4 gas has breached the surface layers of yellowstone’s crust,escaping into the atmosphere. Now couple that with the recent and abrupt ground level rise in the park–and we may be looking at a spell for disaster.

I mean after all, as Michio Kaku, famous theoretical physicist, pointed out on a Jan. 2011 CNN newscast, “When it blows [Yellowstone] it could destroy the United States as we know it. […] That’s what is making us nervous”

I don’t know about you but to me the thought of living in that region is horrifying, but what do I know, I live right near a massive volcano myself in Hawaii.

Later in the newscast the popular physicist points out how a 1000-mile ring of the U.S. would likely be destroyed if the supervolcano actually went. And as scary as that seems to some, we are actually quite overdue for the big one. In fact, the last Yellowstone eruption was thought to have happened around 630,000-years ago, meaning we are 30,000 overdue for a total explosion.

Kaku also pointed out that, “Every single burp, murmur, of this gigantic supervolcano, including the rise above sea level, has to be watched very carefully”.

Continue reading about the yellowstone supervolcano at Intellihub

I love the first comment in the thread on this story (the story is factual, comments are a different matter) which says that volcanic eruptions are caused by cosmic rays and we can prevent disaster by shielding the Yellowstone craters (what with, paper parasols?)


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8 Responses to “Impending Disaster That Is Not Ukraine Related”

  1. magnocrat Says:

    That the world hangs in the balance due to natures total indifference to us has always been the case. The difference today is the delicate technological world we have built and need to survive as we are. The human race will not be annihilated just reduced vastly in numbers and totally fragmented.

  2. MichaelStMark Says:

    If there’s any truth in national karma as well as individual ( as ye sow etc.. ) ; Yellowstone going up would probably be about fair and balanced payback for a country that’s wreaked havoc, death and destruction on half the planet’s peoples with its phoney wars and proxy crusades over the past half century.
    Not saying I particularly wish it on ’em – just maybe an inevitable consequence about now..

    Winters’ll be “fun” for a few years too, with a thousand cubic km of rock pulverized to microscopic volcanic dust circling the earth in its high atmosphere.
    Sledging in August? – “yippee” !

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      America’s poxy wars, I’ll go along with that 🙂

      Volcanic winter will be fine for you, just stock up with porridge oats, lentils, beans etc. and spices.

      Me, I’m Going to get sick to death of SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Porridge and SPAM, beans and SPAM, lentils and SPAM, couscous and SPAM.

      Has your traffic been on the up since about mid 2013 (when the Google spam site penalty was lifted). I’m breaking all records for my career these days.

    • magnocrat Says:

      I do not believe in Karma but I also do not believe Americans are any worse in intent than other nations. Their effect has been large because of their wealth and power. When man ( any nationality you like ) becomes powerful he seeks more power due to greed and ambition. Civilisation is a thin veneer covering the wolf.
      Nature knows nothing of payback its a human concept.

  3. Athelstan Says:

    So, Roland Emmerich may have got it right with his 2012 apocalyptic movie. Maybe an ark is being constructed even now…..

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