Ukraine Revolution, Glamour Models And Oligarchs

About Three Weeks Ago Christina Odone In The Daily Telegraph Asked “Who said the EU is useless? It’s helping freedom fighters in the Ukraine”


Ever eager to help politicians, academics and media luvvies to get a grip on reality I used my alter ego to reply:

Ed Butt • 18 days ago

According to the best sources we have, Ukraine is evenly split in support of the existing government and the pro EU opposition. Syria and Libya were equally split before intervention by the FUKUS axis plunged those nations into civil conflict.

So are you supporting intervention that escalates the conflict into civil war or leads to fragmentation of Ukraine.

The conflict is being exacerbated by Poland via the EU. It is largely forgotten that the north west of Ukraine used to belong to Poland and they would like like it back please, or at least allied with Poland. The only way that can happen is for Ukraine to become part of EU. However, the majority of the Ukraine voted differently. Now, we cant have that sort of thing, can we? The very thought of it, people choosing not to join the EU and have the bureaucrats of Brussels plunder their nation on behalf of the global banking cartel, that would be completely undemocratic. As we know from the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty, if an referendum in an EU nation gives the answer Brussels has not prescribed, then another referendum must be held … and another … and another until the voters get it right.

Telling the truth online is never popular, especially with the lefties who support global totalitarian government, (this is not all lefties, oop ‘ere in ‘t north there are plenty of hairy arsed Old Labour supporters who still believe the WOGS begin at Calais.) Some of the replies I had were so Harriet Harman I began to wonder if I had pissed off PIE.

jamesmace @ Ed Butt • 18 days ago

Are you seriously suggesting that half of Ukraine approves of the oligarchs liquidating state assets and stuffing their pockets with hundreds of Billion$

If you actually believe this, I have a lovely Olympic resort to sell you – used only once but bathrooms need some work.

Ed Butt @ jamesmace • 17 days ago

No I don’t believe that, neither do I believe that you can provide one shred of evidence to back up your belief that half Ukraine wants to be another Greece in the EUSSR.
What I have read and find credible (I wouldn’t go as far as to say I believe it entirely) is that half Ukraine is quite fond of Russian culture while the other half is driven by an understandable but irrational hatred of Russia because of what Stalin did to their countrymen.
None of these for a good basis for deciding a nation’s future.

charlberg @ Ed Butt • 18 days ago

‘Best sources’?? Wow – In spite of living in Kiev, I didn’t notice that half of Ukrainians are adamantly against fair elections, free speech, independent courts and eliminating rampant corruption. Is that a GfK survey you are referring to? Would love the link

(Given what we know now – and Boggart Blog knew then – we have to assume Charlberg is visually impaired)

Ed Butt @ charlberg • 17 days ago

You’d do better to comment on what I actually said. Seeing as you didn’t and you are plainly ignorant of what’s going on in the place where you live, you don’t deserve a link.

(Ah well at least his guy was awake)

kievjoy @ charlberg • 17 days ago

I live here too charlberg. Isn’t it strange that people are willing to die for what they don’t believe in. As for the EU, they are, as we say in England, all mouth and trousers.

Ukraine is split. There’s a Russian half and there’s the other half. Any casual observer can tell you that, we only have to think back to the Orange revolution og 2004 – 5 to know it is true. There are bound to be rights and wrongs on both sides, good guys and bad guys too. So what in heaven’s name gives western media and political figures the right to pontificate about “freedom fighters” and a brave and independent political movements ( that, umm – you know, depend on the EU and USA for their funding?


Since then of course we have had the great stand off and eventually after lots of pressure on mainstream news to stop telling lies and spreading EU / US propaganda, came that notorious BBC Newsnight video report “Neo Nazi Threat In Ukraine which admitted the riots in Kiev had been led by EU / US backed right wing extremists.

Now today we learn that former Ukraine Prime Minister who before the revolution was in prison for fraud, embezzlement and suspected murder (she was awaiting trial on that one), the billionaire oligarch and former glamour model (see below) Yulia Tymoshenko stands accused of laundering money she stole from Ukraine’s treasury through UK banks.

During the uprising in Kiev, Tymoshenko was released from prison and pardoned to enable her to return to front line politics.

Now what was it one of those cupid stunts who tried to tackle Ed Butt said about the revolution happening because people were fed up of oligarchs looting the country? Idiotic effing custard.

Yulia Tymoshenko glamour shot
Yulia Tymoshenko shows off her political campaigning technique Source


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