Russell Brand For Prime Minister?

Beldiueve it or not there are people out there who think it sounds like a good idea. Well OK I suppose they sort of have a point, he couldn’t be any worse than any of the last half dozen or so we’ve had. Surprisingly the people behind the brand for Prime Minister are not the same ones as are saying the Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 was planeknapped by a giant UFO, in fact but for one little thing they sound quite sensible.

Getting Brand into politics would be good from one perspective, it would stop him pretending he’s a comedian. marus brigstock could run for deputy PM thus killing tow turds with one stone. Politicians are comedians of course but they take themselves very seriously. Our Prime Minister though? That doesn’t sound a good idea, perhaps he could be President of The USA, although I suppose his not being a natural born citizen of Kenya might rule him out.

If you are interested in helping Russell Brand become Prime Minister here’s some more information on the campaign at Thomas Sheridan’s Official Blog:

People ask me why I am taking such a major interest in the Russell Brand/BBC Newsnight interview and especially the social, political and psychological aftereffects it has unleashed. They claim I am ‘jealous’ of Mr Brand (!!??!!). Giving him too much attention. Obsessed with him. They state this as they join new Facebook pages entitled Russell Brand for Prime Minister and share memes with Fabian Socialist platitudes on them, memes and statements they would have rejected only last week.

Some of the hatred directed against me has been staggering, as my basic criticism of this story robs them of their Dopamine rush, as they continue to see the Messiah on Tour as their main conduit of personal salvation. You know times are strange when you get called a ‘conspiracy nutter’ by people who believe the Royal Family are shape-shifting interdimensional iguanas because you took their Dopamine rush off them by pointing out that ‘Our Russ’ is not really what a revolutionary actually is. Besides, only Evolution changes things – Revolution just ‘revolves’ you back to where you started.

Aside from the fantastic hype, and watching the Cambridge Universities/SWP/Mi5/Activists Alliance monitor and gauge the reaction of the Truthers to the ‘Messiah Tour’ as they would lab rats. For me, this amazing and interesting last few days is not just about Russell Brand, he is just a part of the game plan – this is HUGE. Mark my words. In time, the full Pandora’s Box of what they are up to at the top are up to will be revealed.

Essentially the PTB are purposefully creating a rift or a Reformation/Civil War within the Alternative Movement. This serves many purposes, but the main one is to get people who have opted out ‘back into the system’ – have them voting for ‘Socialist Egalitarian’ candidates (in reality, traditional Left Wing Fabian Socialist parties such as Labour). Have them forget their anger at the system. Get them meditating, and not raging against the system, have them voting once more and all set for Agenda 21. Allow them their ‘silly conspiracy theories’.

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One Response to “Russell Brand For Prime Minister?”

  1. MichaelStMark Says:

    S’pose most people have witnessed his Brand of “sanity” on TV chat shows by now.
    F*king hell that should be enough!

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