Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight – The Fog Thickens

Amid allegation and counter allegation, denial and counter denial, the fog of obfuscation and evasion still shrouds the strangest news even of recent times in mystery. Really there is no new information to report since we first reported on how the Boeing 777 simply disappeared out of the sky.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there and even mainstream media are now proceeding on the basis of Sherlock Holmes’ observation, “When you have eliminated all the possibilities the answer must be the impossible.”

Well OK but we can still rule out aliens because as any fule kno they always attack the home of the US Senate and Congress, that big, domed building on Capitol Hill in Washington. This is dictated in the rules, just as giant apes have to climb the Empire State Building in New York and Bond villains always have the headquarters of their world domination project in the magma chamber of an extinct volcano.

Still, having eliminated those possibilities there are other extremely unlikely scenarios being discussed.

Was the Malaysia Airlines flight shot down by a missile? No, that would have been clear from radar.

Did a Directed Energy Beam weapon vaporise the aircraft? Maybe; though such weapons don’t officially exist they formed an integral part of President Raygun’s Star Wars Missile defence System in the 1980s and the boffins have had plenty of time to refine the technology since then.

Another claim, that the flight turned west and flew towards India for several hours before disappearing near the Anderman Islands has been denied, reinstated, denied and reinstated again.

Allegations that in the days after the incident cellphones of passengers on the Boeing 777 were connecting and ringing but not being answered were ridiculed by official sources but appear to have been verified by independent sources.

Freelance investigator Jim Stone says:

There are too many reports to ignore now of various passenger’s cell phones ringing when called. The only way this could happen is if the plane was either stolen or crashed on the ground within reach of a cell tower. One phone got picked up and hung up quickly, before anything was said.
The cell phone ringing story is NOT B.S.

My guess? The plane is intact, forced to land by a government or entity, probably under American or Israeli control to be used in an “Islamic terror attack” later. The fact that there were 20 alternative energy people aboard from Freescale Semiconductor would probably also make a good reason to take this exact plane for this purpose, kill two birds with one stone. At this point I’d be surprised by a confirmed debris trail in the ocean, but not by a crash on land.

There were employees from an alternative energy firm aboard who could have something to do with this “crash”.

II am not going to call it a bombing or a missile yet. But I will say that it was Israeli Mossad, ALL THE WAY and that it was not done by a band of rag tag Muslims.

Here is what I think we can rule out, though this may change:

There were no fake passports associated with this flight or anyone on it. This is a cover story that is always used by the Mossad.

There were no suicide bombers on this flight, and it was not taken down by explosives that were on the plane. That is a cover story that is ALWAYS used by the Mossad.

There were inconvienient people aboard and it was simply shot down by a missile or directed energy weapon. There is so much crap out there circulating regarding this that it will take time to dig through it all and reach a conclusion.

One theory that I can’t make any sense of is that the flight was “kidnapped by AWACS”. This seems to hinge on the nonsensical theory that the aircraft’s transponder being switched off caused it to disappear from radar.

RADAR IS RADAR AND ONLY COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE TRANSPONDERS, PRIVATE PLANES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE TRANSPONDERS. Radar is there to prevent private planes that have no transponders from hitting commercial ones among other things, and if radar can see a private plane that has no transponder it certainly can see a huge jumbo jet. So you can take the transponder lies and trash them.
An unnamed contributor on Before Its News reports:
“But the plane DID disappear from civilian radar. What could make a plane disappear from civilian radar while at 36,000 feet yet still be visible on military radar? Only ONE THING, and it looks like a UFO (as some have speculated) only it’s attached to a boeing jet – the antenna on a U.S. Air Force AWACS plane. The fact that this missing jet vanished from civilian radar yet remained visible on more robust military radars proves well enough for me that this indeed was an AWACS hijacking which some people say we saw on 9/11 where AWACS planes were seen on video observing if not controlling the crashes into the twin towers.”

usaf awac
A US Air Force AWACS plane with ‘UFO’ mounted on fuselage.

“Once the plane flew far enough West, AWACS was obviously enough to jam both civilian and military radars, probably because they entered a zone where the angle of both incoming signals allowed for their simultaneous cancellation. That is where the plane finally “vanished” forever, an hour after the “official” vanishing act. The final vanish happened while at 29,500 feet. Though AWACS was originally released as a radar platform there are many variants of awacs type planes now that serve many types of radio oriented missions including jamming and takeover, and they all have the same antenna dome.”

Back to Jim Stone for the latest update:



Malaysian military BACKED DOWN, BUT

GET THIS, IT’S A HOOT! – The engines remained connected to satellites as part of a Boeing maintenance routine, and Boeing has confirmed the aircraft remained flying for five full hours after it “vanished” from radar. Obviously the Malaysian military really did track this plane as they originally stated. Someone forced them to back down, only to have Boeing blow it wide open once and for all.



From http://www.jimstonefreelance.com

Malaysian airlines flight 377 has been provably hijacked by an AWACS plane. This is outlined in the updates below.

The Malaysian military tracked this plane for a full hour with military radar after it “vanished from civilian radar because “the transponders were switched off” (B.S.) radar is radar, it does not need a “transponder” to track a plane. And Awacs would have shut down any transponder for a plane kidnapping anyway, it took no terrorist to do it. Radar is there to prevent private planes which have no transponders from hitting commercial ones among other things, and if radar can see a private plane that has no transponder it certainly can see a huge jumbo jet.


In the end alien abduction looks like the least bizarre option.


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