Missing airliner to be used as a bomb? Crazy Conspiracy Theory say US Liberals

The thing about lefties in the USA is when they decide hate somebody then no matter what that person says or does it will attract hysterical hate attacks from those neo Nazi ‘liberals’who are in fact anything but liberal. .

One such hate figure is Infowars front man Alex Jones (you may remember his melt down on British television when Piers Morgan said the US should ban civilian gun ownership.) Jones is barking mad, there is no doubt of that, he has no problem expounding theories about Satanist political cliques, The Nephilim returning or Reptillian Alien Shapeshifters running the world. However, he fronts a sort of news channel and not everything he says is crazy.

alex jonesAlex Jones meltdown …

Except to the lefties who might think something is quite reasonable until Jones mentions it and then go into paroxisms of rage about how people should be jailed for spreading conspiracy theories and challenging the official government line.

The latest storm Alex Jones has stirred up concerns the missing Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared into the plot of a ten year old television series and was LOST.

Jones is not the first to suggest the missing place might have been hijacked by people planning to pack it with explosives and use it in a terrorist attack. Far eastern politicians, aviation officials and Pentagon military experts have raised the possibility.

When Jones’ picked up the story however, the left went crazy. “Muslim fanatics hijacking planed and flying them into tall buildings in major cities,” they screamed, “What a stupid, racist suggestion. Islam is the religion of peace and no Muslim would ever contemplate doing such a thing.”

Alex Jones was just trying to stir up right wing not jobs by spreading fear and panic about dark skinned people and expounding crazy conspiracy theories that could never really happen, the Twitter feeds raged. What never? Not ever either in future or past? So 9/11 was just a crazy conspiracy theory dreamed up by Alex Jones? Or a false flag operation planned and executed by the US government maybe?

See what happens when people don’t think things through properly.


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