Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

Even if we discount capture by an alien mothership leading the invasion fleet (very very unlikely), there are still numerous theories in circulation about the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Even David Blaine can’t make a Boeing 777 disappear into thin air, so the absence of wreckage, black box signals or any material evidence suggests malfeasance was involved.

But who would do such a thing? The Illuminati? The Priory of Sion? SPECTRE, Lex Luthor? we can’t rule anything out, but maybe we should be looking closer to planet reality.

One of the front runners in today’s Conspiracy Theory Of The Day stakes is that the aircraft was diverted to the giant American Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. For what reason we can only guess, but that destination makes sense and the Boeing 777 could have flown that far with the fuel it had on board.

And as any fule kno, the USA is a terrorist state led by a jug eared jihadist, that has been causing unrest and trying to depose legitimate regimes for many years – long before the present administration took office in fact.

Here’s what New-World-Order watch site says (sorry, but you will not find a word on this in mainstream media which is still pushing the “looking for wreckage” line:

Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia?

It has now become fairly evident that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is not accidental. In fact, there is a strong possibility that the flight was commandeered to the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. A bizarre “extraordinary rendition“?

Please note that this article is being expanded and updated regularly. I have decided to keep all the information in one place, as opposed to having it scattered across several different posts. So do check back. Also note that some commentators have posted very insightful information.
Why did Flight 370 try to hide its whereabouts?

MH370 was a 777-200 service carrying 239 passenger and crew on a regular Kuala Lumpur to Beijing service. To recap, it left KL at 12.40 am, it disappeared as a commercial radar trace at 1.22 am close to the area where such radar visibility to the Malaysia air traffic control system drops off, and was never observed as entering Vietnam controlled air space on a path intended to cross that country to the South China Sea and continue past Hong Kong toward its destination. The transponders on Flight 370 was switched off immediately after it was outside the visibility of Malaysia’s air traffic control! To quote a poster GarageYears on a forum for professional pilots,

Turning off the transponder isn’t just a toggle or push-button, the switch is a rotary and you’d have to move it two positions to get it into the standby condition.

This could only have been done by a compromised crew, or by hijackers. To quote another forum member Tfor2,

Continue reading at cabaltimes

The question remains then, how did Flight 370 get from The Malay Peninsula to Diego Garcia without being tracked. Theories that it flew under the radar are nonsense, flying at below 5000 feet would have a huge impact on fuel economy as the air density is much higher than at cruising altitude, and the aircraft could not have reached Diego Garcia while flying at that height.

dieigo garcia indian ocean map
Diego Garcia (highlighted in blue square) – an ideal hidey hole

It was no surprise to be to see that as soon as this theory was put forward, those “voices of reason” (online shills paid to promote government propaganda) were on it, trying to discredit the idea with a classic piece of misinformation. “The flight could not have reached Diego Garcia with the amount of fuel it had on board,” they sneered. Look at the map below and you will see Diego Garcia is about the same distance from the aircraft’s last known position as it’s original destination, Beijing.

Another theory that can be dismissed as deception, diversion or distraction is that a cabin fire first caused the instuments to shut down which is why the plane lost contact, (what? Black Box flight recorders are built to withstand fire and explosion) and then forced the aircraft to crash land in the Indian Ocean (what? so where’s the wreckage – we’ve been over this before).

The cabin fire story has another inconsistency – the plane had to have landed intact, because the engines uplink to satellite upon landing to report maintenance status to Boeing and Boeing have admitted THEY DID, which proves this plane landed safely.

ANYWHERE this plane landed, the cellular communications systems could have connected, there are no airfields with runways big enough to take a 777 anywhere in the world that are far enough away from cell towers to prevent this from happening. So the NSA knows where they are, and probably for what reason they are there. What is the US Government hiding from us?

So what is now being peddled in mainstream media and by government propaganda as the “most plausible report out there” is either stupidly, incompentently wrong, or a deliberate lie.

The Diego Garcia theory is far the most logical location of flight 370 for three main reasons and a host of smaller ones.

The first major reason is that the Malaysian military plotted flight 370 on radar as it turned around and flew for a full hour in the direction of Diego Garcia until it disappeared from their military radars far sooner than it should have indicating the kind of jamming of radio signals only possible with AWACS (Airborne early-warning and Control)equipped aircraft.

awac equipped plane
AWACS equipment could ave jammed all communications from flight 370

As has been shown the flying at 5,000 feet to escape detection propaganda is just that, a misdirection for the purpose of heading off difficult questions. The last radar signal from this plane happened at 29,500 feet(according to unofficial sources in Malaysian military Air Traffic Control – official reports from that source have now been slienced) and at that altitude it disappeared from military radars after previously vanishing from civilian radars at 36,000 feet.

Terrain mapping stories which are being disseminated by government controlled sources do not hold water and shoow the utter contempt the congenital idiots who run the world have for ordinary people. If this plane was vanished while at altitude there is absolutely nothing to support the low altitude radar evasion stories other than the highly convenient possibility of justifying the shifting of blame to Iran, China or Russia.

Whatever was done must obviously have involved the U.S. air force. This plane not only vanished while in clear sight of civilian radars, it vanished a second time while in full sight of military radars, the plane remained within range of military radars for at least a full 300 miles after it vanished from them.

The second big reason Diego Garcia is the most feasible destination is the simple fact that it is out in the middle of nowhere. Diego Garcia is so isolated that it would be the equivalent of sending some seven and eight year olds into a one hundred square mile forest to play hide and seek. If you have ever been lost in a forest, you will know what I mean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did not crash into the sea, it did not make a forced landing, it was not hijacked by terrorists and flown to Iran, nor, thern Pakistan or anywhere else. It disappeared without trace and all joking aside there is no way that could happen. Even if a directed energy beam weapon capable of vapourising a large aircraft existed, the electro magnetic pulse necessary to disappear a large aircraft would be registered all around the world. Diego Garcia is such an ideal place to hide a kidnapped plane that the US Department Of Defence chose it as the location of their Indian Ocean base for the sole reason that they did not want anybody else controlling it.

The third reason to take flight 370 to Diego Garcia is the island an ideal location for a holding camp for victims of “extraordinary rendition” those people snatched by the US Government simply for expressing hostility to its world domination agenda. Furthermore Diego Garcia is so far “off the radar” (if you’ll pardon the pun) as far as mainstream media is concerned, nothing that happens there is ever going to be reported. The fact that the US Air Force control Diego Garcia places the involvement of Washington beyond doubt in my mind. The US government is not going to let any unfriendly organisation land a hijacked plane there. Added to that the initial operation and the ensuing cover up have the fingerprints of a heavy handed CIA operation all over them.
You can then, with some confidence, place a modest wager with The Boggart Blog bookie that the missing plane and at least some of it’s passengers are on Diego Garcia. Who knows what else we may find there if the democratic governments of the world unite against the wold’s greatest terrorist state and seize that island.

Smaller reasons to point the finger at Diego Garcia is the fact that as far as the MSM goes, the place is not on the map. Cute. Small world, eh?

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