More Floating Debris, More Lies, More Smoke And Mirrors

boeing jet engine
A jet engine of the type used by Boeing

The latest bizarre twists in the Malaysian airlines Flight 370 Mystery serve only to show how desperate the elite are becoming in their attempts to cover up the truth.

While yet another piece of “floating debris that could be from the missing Boeing 777 aircraft” sighted in satellite pictures could have been photoshopped or faked in a free video editor by an averagely skilled twelve year old, a story carried by the Daily Mail suggesting that the plane was downed by a consignment of lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold catching fire.

Now lithium ion batteries are known to be highly volatile and apart from the many airborne incidents in which they have been involved, there are numerous reports of cellphone and laptop computer batteries exploding or bursting into flames inexplicably.

OK, so QED, you might say, it was the lithium ion batteries. Case closed.

Not so fast, there are numerous elements of the story that reveal it to be pure, unadulterated bullshit.

First, if there was a fire on board or even an explosion, that would have shown on communications data from the Boeing plane, and the black box flight recorder would not have stopped.

Second, The Daily Mail story reports the aircraft climbed to 45,000 feet in order that the fire would be extinguished by oxygen starvation.

WRONG! If the Boeing 777 climbed to 45,000 feet did not do so to put out any fire. It would have been done to maximize range (to reach Diego Garcia?). Lithium ion battery malfunctions cannot be solved via oxygen starvation.

On top of that the plane makers Boeing, a company that has been hit by safety concerns after battery failure caused fires in its 787 Dreamliner, they are not going to commit commercial suicide by fuelling doubts about their engineering competence.

It has not been widely reported in mainstream media (surprise, surprise) that the engines of a 777 are equipped with cellular communicators (built in mobile phones) which contact Boeing when the aircraft lands and upload maintenance status from the engine control computers. The time and cell location obtained by Boeing prove the plane flew for seven additional hours after “vanishing” from radar and landed safely, invoking the automatic calls. This is reported by Boeing, and confirmed by the fact that passengers cell phones worked where they were taken to (this was demonstrated on TV in the presence of Daly Mirror reporters in Malaysia. Those facts alone kill the mid-air fire lie.

The Awacs hijacking and subsequent flight to Diego Garcia story HAS TO be subverted at all cost by the American government. The White House and Department Of Defence have think tanks trying to fabricate logical explanations for the disappearance that will stand up to scrutiny. So far the blogosphere is winning hands down.

So all the sightings of “floating debris” mysterious phone calls to anonymous women, unlikely technical failures and reports of the aircraft flying way beyond its range and finally coming down in Antarctica to disappear into a vast hangar hewn out of the ice, there plane and passengers are being held by a bald, wheelchair bound, Persian Cat loving criminal mastermind with a dodgy east European accent are just smoke and mirrors to divert people away from the truth – that the plane was hijacked by America to allow the CIA to obtain secret information about secure Chinese made processors and operating systems which some of the passengers were carrying.

If the plane flew on for seven hours and landed safely as the actual evidence proves, a fact made ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN when the engines reported electronically to Boeing’s maintentance program via satellite, (which they can only do on the aircraft landing safely, you can ignore all theories of fires or anything else happening to the plane because had disaster befallen the jet the post landing log in by the engines would have not been impossible.

The powers that be know all this and they know we know it, all the news now being released by the global government crooks and liars is just damage limitation. And of course the online shills employed to suppress the truth are busy screaming “conspiracy theory.” I’ve deleted many comments at the moderation stage, none of them put forward an alternative explanation, they just contained ad hominem attacks on “right wing not jobs from people seemingly unaware that big government and authoritarianism are the teritory of the right, while anarchism and the business of asking difficult questions is anarchism.

and scammers out there, this is a fact that could NOT BE MISSED. Here we enter the perception management phase of a failed “secret” hijacking, where they are grasping at everything they can to shut reality out of people’s minds.

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