Israel closes embassies around the world as diplomats strike

Strange news from Reuters and other reliable sources. Israel has closed all its embassies around the world and the staff are heading for home. The official reason given is that the diplomatic staff have gone on strike.

WTF? Diplomatic staff don’t go on strike. something is up.

One quick off the mark conspiracy theorist reckons its all to do with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, the Yanks at Diego Garcia have cracked the Chinese electronic warfare experts who were on board, obtained the security codes to Chinese government military communications and are about to launch some kind of cyber assault on China and Russia.

Boggart Blog could not possibly comment on that of course, nor on the theory that Israel is about to launch a unilateral attack on Iran (a rumour that comes up at least one a month. All we know is that anybody who believes that bullshit about flight 370 disappearing off radar, flying for another seven hours and then coming down in the Indian Ocean without leaving a trace is terminally naive.

What is certain is that faith in governments has reached such a low point we are ready to believe these psychotic control freaks are capable of absolutely anything, no matter how insane.

Israel closes embassies around the world – Reuters

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