Unmarked Boeing 777 Intercepted By Dutch Air Force

boeing 777 intercepted

Now things are really getting interesting.

A Boeing 777 of the type that recently went missing over the Indian Ocean earlier this month (Malaysia Airlines flight 370) and as recently as yesterday was reported to have crashed into one of the deepest parts of the ocean, off Western Austrialia, was earlier today reported to have strayed into Dutch airspace.

The mystery Boeing was flying with transponders and communications equipment switched off and reportedly did not respond to air traffic control. Netherlands Air Force F16 fighter planes were scrambled to intercept the Boeing 777 because it was on course for The Hague where world leaders are gathered to eat, drink and be merry at our expense discuss the Ukraine crisis.

Boggart Blog saw the story in English at Zero Hedge, but it originated from RTL News – a great site if you read Dutch

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