Ignore Scarmongering IPCC, science confirms CO2 cools the earth

The big news today is the scaremongering report issued by scientists working for the Rothschild Fear and Panic To Justify Theft Of Punters Money foundation also known as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change. Despite containing statements that the impacts of climate change are not likely to be as severe as predicted and the predictions of mathematical models used exclusively by the Rothschild climate scientists have so far differed wildly on the alarmist side from observed reality, the fearmongering must go on to persuade people around the world to accept global totalitarian government by Rothschild appointed technocrats.

Science was ever fascism’s whore.

Do not forget however that one of the designated joint authors of the report refused to be associated with it because of the fearmongering, exaggerations, deceptions and lies it contains.

UK professor refuses to put his name to ‘apocalyptic’ UN climate change survey .

Little Nicky Machiavelli @ 2014-03-26

A UK academic has refused to put his name to the ‘apocalyptic’ UN climate change survey that he claims is exaggerating the effects of climate change.

A climate scientist has accused the United Nations of being too alarmist over global warming – and demanded his name be removed from a crucial new report.

Professor Richard Tol, an economist at the University of Sussex, said fellow UN academics were exaggerating climate change and comparing it to the ‘apocalypse’.

His comments are a blow to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which on Monday will publish its first update in seven years on the impacts of climate change.

Previous IPCC reports on climate impact have been plagued by errors that damaged the body’s credibility

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And now to add to the woes of the Rothschild scientists, the Rothschild influenced Supranational bureaucracies, the Rothschild owned central banks and the Rothschild lackeys in governments of the world’s great nations, there are still some independent researchers out there doing real research on things that relate to the real world, rather that using the system known as the Rothschild Scientific Method which involves starting from an answer and working backwards to build a case to support it. People like these guys:

Science Confirmed: Carbon Dioxide & Water Vapour Cool Earth’s Atmosphere

Mexican study affirms a 1951 finding by top American scientists that
carbon dioxide (CO2) cannot cause global warming. Applying known scientific values, more eminent scientists are coming forward to confirm
that atmospheric CO2 mixes with clouds and water vapour to cause only
cooling. As such, the credibility of “consensus science” claims about
man-made global warming being caused by rises in CO2 levels are left in
serious doubt.

Professor Nasif Nahle (Monterrey, Mexico) provides a peer-reviewed paper,
‘Determining the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing Overlapping Absorption Bands,’
that uses known and well-established values from the results of experiments performed previously by H. C. Hottel, B. Leckner, M. Lapp,
C. B. Ludwig, A. F. Sarofim, et al, showing that the combined
effect of overlapping absorption bands of water vapour with CO2 causes a
reduction on the total absorptivity of the mixture of those gases in
earth’s atmosphere. As such, water vapour and CO2 are proven to combine
to cause global cooling, not warming.

Nahle’s paper affirms the long-forgotten findings of the eminent former head of Britain’s Met Office, CEP Brooks, and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) that also revealed that CO2 in the atmosphere could not cause warming. Brooks, Britain’s top climatologist at the time, along with America’s best meteorologists agreed that the idea that CO2 could warm the climate:

“was never widely accepted and was abandoned when it was found that all the long-wave radiation [that would be] absorbed by CO2 is [already] absorbed by water vapour.”
[see:“Geological and Historical Aspects of Climatic Change.” In Compendium of Meteorology, edited by Thomas F. Malone, pp. 1004-18 (at 1016). Boston: American Meteorological Association]

Scientists at Principia Scientific International(PSI), who peer-reviewed Nahle’s paper, are currently advising colleagues that the most reliable data available now confirms that CO2 is shown to act as a coolant in earth’s climate. As such, the notion of a so-called ‘greenhouse gas’ warming effect may be regarded as refuted, while environmental measures by governments and individuals to reduce “carbon emissions” to combat climate change are, in turn, rendered pointless.

For those interested in reading Professor Nahle’s full paper (revised April
2011), we publish it below:

According to anthropogenic global warming (AGW)
theory, carbon dioxide increases the potential of water vapour to absorb and emit IR radiation as a consequence of the overlapping
absorption/emission spectral bands. I have determined the total emissivity of a mixture of gases containing 5% of water vapour and 0.039% of carbon dioxide in all spectral bands where their absorptivities/emissivities overlap. The result of my calculations is that carbon dioxide reduces the total absorptivity/emissivity of the water vapour, working like a coolant, not a warmer of the atmosphere and the surface …

Continue reading at Principia Scientific International

So you see, what the IPCC are trying to scare you with is not Climate Science, it’s Rothschild magic money science(i.e. we need those carbon taxes so the monster can grow because it it does not grow it dies, so the science is settled, naa naa na naa naa.)

Don’t you think its suspicious that as the desperation to get those carbon taxes implemented so governments can pay the interest on the obscene sums they have to borrow every month to make ends meet, just as governments create the illusion of economic recovery by using rigged markets to inflate another housing bubble and using that to drive a consumption led boom just ahead of the next planned crash is all a bit suspicious.

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9 Responses to “Ignore Scarmongering IPCC, science confirms CO2 cools the earth”

  1. The_Walrus Says:

    So, basically, you believe this man…

    …but not the other 308?

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      I don’t believe anybody without examiing both sides of the case. Where are the 50 million refugess displaced by climate change in we were promised 2012? Why has the global mean temperature not risen in 17 years?
      Why has your GOD fosaken you?

      I’ll always believe a man who stands up to Naziism against those who dare not challenge the official propaganda. At the school I attended we were taught to question everything.

      I guess at your you were taught “You must never question authority.”

      Anyway Tol looks pretty normal compared to most acedemic nut jobs.

      And here’s an educational infographic on the history of settled science

  2. Mark Says:

    Haha … I just stumbled onto this blog … your extensive use of post-modern irony as a way of satirising strident cobbled together conspiracy theories is funny. I guess the only issue is that less discerning readers may actually believe this guff is some kind of intellectually informed, healthily sceptical and robust questioning of official propaganda and not … well … a collection of strident cobbled together conspiracy theories.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Well I suppose you know what you’re talking about. May I suggest sir, (he said in his best Jeeves voice) that you lay off the drugs for a while before commenting in future.
      Yes, this is a satirical blog, but all satire should make a serious point. It’s up to the reader to decide what that serious point may be and what is window dressing (to catch searches you know, on the web its called SEO). How do you think you fared? Clue: recycling government anti – free speech propaganda get you nowhere at this blog. D’you really think I haven’t read similar stuff a thousand times before on blogs that question the establishment line?

  3. Mark Murphy Says:

    Rational, informed and intelligent questioning of any position (both establishment and anti-establishment) should be applauded, no encouraged, it is at the heart of any democratic system. However, taking a fixed and unquestioning position that the media, all politicians, scientists, lawyers, doctors (in fact, any person who fits into the extremely broad category of ‘the establishment’) are, without exception, part of the conspiracy is simplistic and isn’t really questioning anything, it’s just blindly following a different line.
    PS I don’t use drugs.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Perhaps you should try using some drugs then, it might help you understand what is going on here.

      Look Mark, you are welcome to comment on my blogs but don’t tell me how I should have written them. If I want to indulge in hyperbole that is my choice.

      I suggest you give my latest a read and absorb a little more of the tone and style of Boggart Blog.

      And yes, I am led by my very wide experience including having been the recipient of several large fat brown envelopes stuffed with banknotes, to believe that while not all members of the establishment are out and out crooks, they have all been complicit in conspiracies, cover ups, deceptions, misdirections and general malfeasance.

      Welcome to reality.

  4. Mark Murphy Says:

    Just one last question/comment then I’ll stop pecking your head … I’m curious, in what context were you the ‘recipient of several large fat brown envelopes stuffed with banknotes’?
    Well two questions … you said ‘not all members of the establishment are out and out crooks’ … who or what actually are ‘the establishment’?

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Two question? You want two questions? OK, as I’m in a good mood today having had a royalty payment go into my bank …

      1) You seriously think I’m going to tell you that? How naive are you?

      2) (and may I remind you of your reference in an earlier comment to the establishment – so why are you asking me who or what they are?)
      from Wikipedia
      “The Establishment is a term used to refer to a visible dominant group or elite that holds power or authority in a nation or organization. The term suggests a closed social group which selects its own members (as opposed to selection by merit or election). The term can be used to describe specific entrenched elite structures in specific institutions, but is usually informal in application and is more likely used by the media than by scholars.”

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