Farage Turns Back On EU National Anthem?

So when did Europe become a nation we were all asking as the kerfuffle about UKIP’s protest over a ‘backroom stitch up that saw another federalist appointed to the presidency of the European Parliament.

Now while we at Boggart Blog sympathise with UKIP’s anti EU position we do think this prostest is being taken far too seriously. Protesting over a backroom stitich up in the EU. If they were to protests about every backroom stitich up in the EU they wouldn’t even have time to go for a dump.

from Huffington Post UK:
“The Ukip MEPs’ show of defiance took place as a chamber orchestra opened the parliament’s first session, which saw German socialist Martin Schulz elected president, by playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy”

Well at least its a decent tune and although it is German they could have picked The Horst Wessel Song which would have signalled the intentions of the EU very clearly.


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