Maureen Lipman: ‘Silly Bugger’ Miliband Can’t Be Jewish and Eat Bacon

Is the Labour Party about to find it’s soul? Doubtful, but at least Maureen Lipmann is making a bit of an effort to look for it. Part of the Labour Party’s soul resided in the Jewish religion, the rest – well it used to be said here in the north that the Labour Party owed more to Methodism than Maxism.

You see the true working class Labour supporter did not have much time for academics and intellectuals like Karl Marx. It was the elitists who formed The Fabian Society that dragged Labour down the road to authoritarianism. It’s strange though that while working class voters were prepared to put up with the likes of Lady Astor, Lord Longford and Viscount Stansgate and Labour’s army of wealthy lawyers and academics who considered themselves experts on working class lives even though few had actually done and honest days’s labour in their own lives. In spite of that, until now working class voters have largely remained loyal.

How strange it will be if something as mundane as a bacon sandwich destorys that bond.

What the working class will not tolerate is being patronised and when some smart arseed PPE graduate decided to respond to calls for Labour to reconnect with the working class by having leader Ed Miliband eat a ‘working class’ breakfast, a bacon sandwich it was patronising in the exreme to assume working class Labour voters were too ignorant to know that Ed Miliband is Jewish(ish) and most Jewish people do not eat bacon.

So now, not only has that stupid publicity stunt pissed off a lot of working class voters, it has pissed off a lot of Labour’s affluent Jewish suporters to. And the nation’s favourite Jewish Grandma, Maureen Lipmann, has gone on the warpath.

from Breitbart-London

“… it’s not exactly like all Jews refrain from bacon – such is my experience of living in Hampstead Garden Suburb for the past three and a half years anyway. I’m told (by some of my pulled pork-loving Jewish friends) that Judaism is “like a buffet cart” that people often pick and choose from. If Miliband chooses the bacon sandwich, who are we to judge?”

Well I’m certainly in no position, but actress Maureen Lipman seems to be, if her interview with the Times is anything to go by.

Lipman,[…] is described as being “intolerant of left-wing intellectuals who have left their Jewish faith behind”

When told of Miliband’s “tussle” with a bacon sandwich during the recent election campaign, Lipman said: “In the case of some people it makes them look extremely clever if they don’t take what would be a natural Jewish standpoint… That’s your posh left wing.
“Bacon sandwich! Silly bugger, if he thinks he’s coming here for dinner after that!”

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We think Ms. Lipmann is being a bit harsh. Anyone who saw the news pictures of Ed about to throw up his bacon sandwich would realise he was stitched up by his PR people.

ed and baconEd and Bacon

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6 Responses to “Maureen Lipman: ‘Silly Bugger’ Miliband Can’t Be Jewish and Eat Bacon”

  1. The_Walrus Says:

    Not even wrong.

  2. Lynne Diana Says:

    He not need to do this on Camera
    This gesture was inappropriate and in your face.
    He might as well have stuck up 2 fingers up to the Jewish community. Even most reform Jews would not do this in public, least of all on camera.
    Ed, if you are trying so hard to be an Anglican, then just do it. Convert !

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Don’t blame Ed, it was obviously a stunt dreamed up by the Labour Party PR Dept to try to make him seem like an ‘ordinary bloke’.
      If you remember, a few years ago on The Apprentice (UK version) Alan Sugar sent some contestants off to Morocco with a list of things they must buy in the souk. One was a kosher chicken.
      The team led by a guy who described himself as ‘a good Jewish boy’ returned with a halal chicken because they thought it was the same thing.
      People are very lacking in cultural awareness these days.

  3. Guy Bebb Says:

    Bacon butty be damned, why is he attacking the IDF. The Labour Party has gone mad. The UN has accused Hamas of breaking the latest ceasefire, our bacon eating Ed has taken upon himself to blame Israel. All liberal minded people should ask why a Sun reading politician represents their views.

    Blair, Brown, now Ed, who does he represent exactly? Not me. I worry that l can no longer trust Labour. Am l alone in thinking that Israel is wrong in defending itself.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      You’re not wrong but I think like me many people backed off this one, the issues between Israel and the Palestinians are far older than the state of Israel itself.

      If ever there was an irrefutable case for sending in a UN peacekeeping force (to enforce a ceasefire and round up the Hamas terrorists), this is it. But while the west meddles elsewhere none of our leaders seem keen to discuss this one. What the people who condemn Israel forget is that were the positions reversed Hamas would be doing exactly the same – defending their territory and citizens in a somewhat OTT way.

  4. e gurney Says:

    If Lipman dose not like my country ,[ I am english ,christian and my familys in the Doomsday book] she can go and live in Israel .Taking all her mates with her .Jews have nothing to do with the fight for fair play which the rich Jew bankers make sure wont hapen.She just want to get noticed.

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