Shite To You Barclays

Tabloid and many online news sites today carry a report of a man who walked into Barclays Bank, Andover, made several non monetary deposits and calmly walked out.

Staff were as mystified as they were disgusted by the middle aged mans antics, we we must assume had been on laxatives as he managed to lay Richards in several places around the branch. Described by staff as “looking well to do” although he was wearing shorts and sandals, said nothing by way of explanation for his protest nor did he carry any placards, he just sidled in, shat and shimmied out wearing a smug grid.

Staff said the bank stank so badly they had to close so that the mess could be cleaned up.

A police spokesman, appealing for witnesses said the force suspect the phantom plopper is involved in the brown economy.

Russia today


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