Tolerance Is Not The Same As Acceptance

I often post about the hypocrisy of the politically correct left and their double standards. Lefties never agree with me of course, and they are sure they’re right because they just such superior human beings.

I wonder if some of them would take the message on board if it came from a black man, or is being back and disagreeing with the politically correct agenda as bad as being white.

Dennis Gilman is a Jamaican professional, I don’t know his politics but he nails the illiberal bigotry of the “liberal left” here.

Tolerance is not the same as acceptance

Why must persons whose sexual practices I tolerate insist that I view their lifestyle as “acceptable”? Such things are not my business; such issues are between you and whichever God you worship. Don’t shove it in my face, don’t insist that I not have a negative view of it and don’t insist that I never express disapproval of it. If my expressions of disapproval, abhorrence or repudiation are interpreted by persons as expressions of hatred of any person or group of persons, then I view that as a grievous misconstruction. I don’t hate persons who do not live by my moral code. Were I to be like that, I would have to hate over 90% of the population of the world. My moral code is for me alone. I do not attempt to impose it on others and I greatly resent anyone or group who attempt to impose theirs on me.

The hypocrisy of those so called “human rights” groups is appalling. Queen Ifrica sang:

Yu can change di laws of man
But yu can’t change di laws of god
So if dem nocking a big glass dem glad
Wan wi fi change a must mad dem mad
Somebody tell mi what is happening
A don’t want no fish inna mi Ital dish
To see mi son become a father
Mi greatest wish

Those words were called “hate speech” and she was vilified and denied from participation in an international concert, yet Snoop Doggy sings, “Bitches ain’t $h!t but hoes and tricks . . ” (I won’t quote more of it; too degrading to women) but he was not pulled from the lineup!

See the original post on Dennis Gilman’s Linked In page

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