EU taking on Google – Well One German Publisher Is

Those New World Order fanatics at The Guardian, bless them, seldom miss a trick when it comes to promoting the single European Superstate and the globalist agenda. Their latest misrepresentation is to try and make us feel the European Union is somehow protecting our freedoms even as the bureau rats of Brussels are taking them away.

The fight to stop Google grabbing control of all the information in the world is not being led by Junkhead, Van Rompuy-pumpy, Baroness Ashton and the rest (they are pushing the neo-feudal Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which would enable corporations like Google to override sovereign laws made by national governments) but by a German publishey big German publisherr – a very big and influential German publisher.

Mathias Döpfner  is CEO of Axel Springer SE, Europe‘s biggest newspaper publisher, which owns its bestselling tabloid, Bild. His stated mission declares that Springer should become “the world’s leading digital publisher ” This conflicts just a tad with Google’s  stated mission that their aim is to become the world’s ONLY digital publisher.

Axel Springer prepared to defend their position by introducing a partial paywall for Bild’s online offering, bought  TV news channel N24, and repositioned the print publishing operation behind  flagship broadsheet, Die Welt, so that the web editors now commission content and a team of 12 editors compile the print edition from the online bounty.

Then Döpfner, a former journalist himsel felt it was time to pick a battle with the biggest player in new media: Google.

In April 2014, he lobbed a grenade in the form of an open letter to Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, in which he accused the Search Engine Giant of operating a business model that “in less reputable circles would be called a protection racket”, and of discriminating against competitors in its search rankings (Google deny this but it is very obviously true). Google’s motto was “if you don’t want us to finish you off, you’d better pay”, he wrote .

Last Wednesday, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We need a simple rule of fair and transparent search criteria, and I think the product that has the highest traffic should be on the top rank and the product that has the lowest traffic should be on the lowest rank. But unfortunately, Google is not respecting that.”
In a speech on Monday, Döpfner went even further, saying that Google was “abusing its dominant position”,  This looks like hypocrisy coming from the head of a media empire which for decades abused its dominant market-position in the German media to impose a reactionary agenda on policymakers, but on the other hand it is no more hypocritical than google whose corporate motto ought to read “Don’t be evil, that’s our job“.

Google quits Spain in paid content row
Spain’s government have defied Google’s vow to shut down its Spanish online news service rather than pay for content, [ … ] The internet search giant threatened to close Google News Spain in December, 2014, before an intellectual property law enters force in January obliging Internet news scrapers to pay for content automatically lifted from other websites. Spain’s culture ministry, said it would go ahead with the new law, Google’s response is “a matter for the company”.

More Cracks in Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra as Data Collection and Political Power Soar

Google is amassing huge amounts of personal user data while simultaneously accruing big-time political clout, a new report from Public Citizen confirms.

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