No Conspiracy Of Silence On Parliamentary Paedophiles? Really?

Since the Parliamentary Paedophiles story exploded just before the weekend, the establishment has going into headless chicken mode as panic seized the political, legal and media establishments.

The Media luvvies and political elite are now claiming there was never any conspiracy to cover up allegations of a celebrity paedophile ring involving senior politicians including Leon Brittan, Ron Davis and Cyril Smith and showbiz celebrities such as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and a certain Christian singer described as the nation’s most beloved pop star (it would not be proper for me to name him as he has not yet been named by police as part of the investigation, so his identity will have to remain a Cliff hanger.) The reason being given to explain why certain people were not investigated is that there was no reliable evidence of wrongdoing to warrant an investigation.

Really? So why was this Not The Nine O’Clock News Sketch banned by BBC producers?

You may have noticed that I got through this entire post without mentioning beer, cigars, jazz or hush puppies. I’m working on that one although times and fashions have changed and I might end up talking about Clarke’s loafers 😉

Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’ says elitist adademic
Normal for university professors, Catholic proests, politicians and schoolteachers maybe Prof, but leave us ordinary blokes out of it.

Judge Butler – Sloss Best To Head Elitist Paedophile Cover Up Inquiry – Cameron

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