Crooks and Liars and left wing hypocrites

hypocrisy guardian mediaBecause I do it doesn’t mean it’s OK for you to do it source)

When this blog started, back in 2005 the intention was to do political and social satire with an occasional bit of surrealism and silliness thrown in. The world has changed since then and it is no longer possible to do satire because the elite have become experts in self parody and surreal stupidity.

But far worse is the hypocrisy, politicians and business leaders have always been hypocrites but the caring, sharing, equal rights loving left have taken ‘do as we say not as we do’ double standards to new levels. An prime example og left wing uber – hypocrisy comes this week from those wailing, teeth gnashing leftie luvvies at The Guardian. After ranting and railing against bankers bonuses and the ridiculous rewards given to failed CEOs of loss making corporations The Guardian lacks even the basic decency to feign embarrassment about this:

from Breitbart London

Guardian CEO Andrew Miller has been awarded a bumper salary and bonus of £2.2m despite the company losing £33.8m. Miller, who runs the Guardian News and Media group, justified the bonus because he oversaw the sale of the company’s share in the AutoTrader magazine.

Terrible results are pretty standard for the Guardian, which has been reliant on profits from the AutoTrader for years but this year saw an especially disastrous final year loss. What is unusual is that they have chosen to richly reward their CEO despite losing a fortune.

He got a £1.4 million “long-term” bonus, on top of his salary of £696,000, with some other benefits thrown in as well. The package made him one of the best paid media bosses in the country, whilst presiding over one of the least successful media companies.

It was not all bad news for the group though, as turnover climbed by seven percent to £210.2 million, largely due to digital growing by a quarter to £69.5 million. However print revenues stayed “broadly flat” according to the More Media Nonsense Blog.

Also the sale of AutoTrader means that the Guardian Media Group (GMG) itself made a profit on paper of £549.2 million. But this was only because it banked £619 million from selling its fifty percent stake in Trader Media Group, owner of Auto Trader, to Apax Partners. Had it not sold AutoTrader, GMG would also have made a huge loss.

For all ‘holier than thou’ evangelical Maoist reputation and rants from the Guardian’s almost exclusively Trotskyite editorial team about fairness and equality and the sheer evil of slebs such as Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow whose accountants recommended tax avoidance schemes that were perfectly legal at the time, Guardian Media has for years exploited tax avoidance (the Great Satan of tax avoidance according to lefties)loopholes involving the use of shell companies registered in the Cayman Islands in recent years. This particular gross hypocrisy was reported as long ago as 2009 on Guido Fawkes blog after Guido, stung by a particularly disingenuous polemic from uber hypocrites Polly (three mansions) Toynbee. The piece reveals how Guardian Media Group the company avoided stamp duty due to a complicated arrangement in the Cayman Islands.

Guardian’s Tax Hypocrisy Is Ridiculous – Guido Fawkes

By employing expert tax lawyers Guardian Media Group have ensured that this year it paid just £1.4 million in corporation tax. This was in spite of the huge profit on the Auto – trader sale which the company insists were not liable for tax under the Substantial Shareholdings Exemption rule (and because the money was quietly shifted to a tax haven – a practice The Guardian publicly claims to abhor.

In 2013 Andrew Miller admitted that the Guardian Newspaper had no future and was likely to go fully online within the next few years. And for engineering that disaster he gets paid £2.2 million.


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