MH17: America’s Evidence – We Read It On Social Media

This is absolutely effing brilliant

US State Dept. Annoyed at Press Questioning MH17 Narrative

Spokeswoman Angrily Refers Press to Social Media for ‘Proof’

Boeing 777 like flight MH17

The Obama Administration continues to reiterate its narrative on what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 with more certainty (and often different details) every day, but there is a stark lack of evidence, beyond a handful of “authenticity could not be verified” images floating around on social media.

With Russia denying the allegations, the US must have some really damning evidence to be so certain, right? Just so, insists the State Department, just don’t ask them to show any of it.

Defending the charges at today’s press briefing (links to US State Dept transcript) in an increasingly testy exchange with reporters, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf referred the press to social media, while reiterating that there was totally better evidence out there that they just can’t see.

When pressed on the array of theories on social media, and why the US is embracing just the one, Harf insisted that none of the other theories made any sense, because the State Department totally knows it was Russia’s fault.

When pressed further on Russia’s denial, Harf turned visible hostile toward the press members at the briefing, angrily insisting that it was unfair for the media to even consider Russian statements that contradict the State Department, when everyone is supposed to know the US is more credible. When pressed further on that line of reasoning, Harf angrily barked “I’m not even dignifying that question with a response.”

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So there we have it. The “compelling evidence” they had that the pro Russian separatists in Ukraine were responsible for downing Flight MH17 was that the CIA read it in Facebook and Twitter and common sense told them it was right because America is great and Russia sucks. Naa Naa Na Naa Naa.

All I can say is relying on social media chitchat for evidence of responsibility shows a marked lack of common sense FFS.

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