Who shot down MH17? Black Box Data Reveals Nothing We Did Not Know

rescue workers discover the flight recorder
Rescue workers discover Boeing 777 flight recorder (source)

As the political and media war over responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 continues, here’s a chance to view a report put together by the BBC Russia news channel (In Russian with English subtitles).

Strangely the Beeb have taken this report offline now. Make what you will of that. The video shows the handling of the Black Box flight recorders, which mainstream media and supporters of the global – government fascist movement (or the ‘progressive left’, as these lying, war loving, authoritarians like to label themselves) insisted would provide incontrovertable evidence that pro Russian rebels or military personnel from Russia were responsible for firing the BUK missile that brought down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

As sensible commentators said, the flight recorders could do no such thing, their purpose is to provide technical data from the aircraft and conversations between crew members. Thus the black box data would prove that the aircraft was shot down by a missile or anti aircraft shell, but could not possibly identify who fired it.

Similarly a conversation between pilot and co pilot might go something like this.

“WTF? what’s that down on the ground, a puff of smoke. There.”

“Probably noth … oh shit, there’s a missile coming our way and this airliner is too big for evasive action.”

“No point anyway, those things are radar guided. The send out a blip and lock onto the echo that comes off our planes body. We’re fucked.”

“There must be something we can do? How fucked are we.”

“We’re fucking fucked, that’s how fucked we are. Kiss you arse goodbye.”

It may seem I am making fun of the tragedy here but that is not the case, the families of the dead have my deepest sympathy.

The game here is about ridiculing those evil New World Order shits like Cameron and Obama who have tried to use this event as a political opportunity to stir up public feeling in favour of war with Russia and the useful idiots and gullible dupes in mainstream media and the cybersphere who are prepared to believe all this propaganda and despite their claims of ‘liberal’ principles are mad for war. That such hypocritical morons have the audacity to attack those with enough nous to question government actions justifies my flirting with bad taste to make a point.

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