Marilyn Manson Does Not Know What Racism Is. Do You?

Its a sad comment on our society when we need a professional weirdo like Marilyn Manson to stand up to the the neo-fascist bullying of the ‘liberal’ wankerati on our behalf. But any defender of free speech and freedom of thought against the left wing hate merchants is to be welcomed.

Marilyn Manson

This blog had often commented on the debating technique the left stole from Hitler’s National Socialists, that of shutting down debate by screaming “racist” and “bigot” at anyone who challenges certain dogmas in their catechism (yes dogma and catechism are religious terms, has it not struck you that the ‘progressive left’ are like fanatical religious zealots?)

The Marilyn Manson incident, covering an exchange in an online intereview for The Bret Easton Ellis podcast, was reported in The Independent. As the interview went on two hours, I’ll just give the transcript of the relevant section rather than posing the video. At this stage Manson and the interviewer are discussing racism. Manson has been accused of racism by the screeching mob many times.(Spelling errors in the transcript have not been corrected.)

Ellis: “Getting back to the idea of racism and how it’s so widely applied to people now, it’s just gotten crazy.”

Manson: “I don’t even really know what to do with it. You know, it’s the old tradition of like, ‘Yeah man I got a lot of black friends, I got a lot of Jewish friends’ or whatever, it’s like, the people that I know that are my friends that are black are completely comfortable with my sense of humour because I think that racism is more about if something is like – whatever, it’s a stupid word, it’s a made up word, it’s an ism. Jizm is an ism. (Um – no it’s not but we knoiw what you mean – Boggart Blog)

“But it’s like if you’re not doing something hateful to somebody, you’re not trying to hurt somebody, then it’s not really a problem. You can make comments about culture, don’t avoid the elephant in the room. Stand-up comedians can say whatever they want and somehow that’s a free reign but if you say it as a rockstar, say it as a writer, sometimes people misinterpret it – people interpret everything differently.

“But it’s a silly way of someone trying to – the other lesson I learned in journalism class was if you criticise something it makes you sound like a better writer than if you compliment it.”

Ellis: “Of course that’s true and that’s why I think there’s so many haters on the internet, but racism, you know, let’s just clarify, does exist, in a big way.”

from The Independent:

It is true to say racism exists but accusing people who advocate immigration controls of being motivated by racism is just an attempt to deny them the right to hold their opinions, just as left wing haters deliberate misinterpretation of UKIP’s policy of limiting immigration and enforcing the border controls that exist in law as an intention to ban all immigration is an attempt to shut down discussion. Sadly the left have to resort to this kind of thing because they have no coherent argument to support their position. 

The left do exactly the same when intelligent and justified criticisms of the ‘gay rights’ lobby are shouted down with screams of homophobia.

It is satisfyingly ironic that in depth analysis of polling data shows it is the left’s hysterical hatred of British culture, British values and traditions, anything British and the British working and lower middle classes that is driving UKIP’s surge in opinion polls.

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2 Responses to “Marilyn Manson Does Not Know What Racism Is. Do You?”

  1. KEGGY Says:

    I find it strange that while many people are happy to stand up and confront racism, the same people turn a blind eye to sexism. So many gains have been made in society where most decent people are shocked by racist attacks (verbal or physical) or less than equal treatment . But there is still a long way to go to get people to feel the same way about how women are treated in our unequal society.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      ‘fraid you’ll have to write your own posts to expound on that. My view is if women feel they are badly treated in this country they should try living in the middle east, Africa, the Indian sub continent, or the macho societies of South America or eastern Europe.

      I get irritated with people putting our society down, we are one of the most enlightened and equal societies in the world. If you don’t like it you could go and live in the good ol’ USA where they talk the talkl about equality and the rent boy in chief makes a few banal speeches but the majority of the population still believe a woman’s place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

      It strikes me that the greatest achievements of feminism in 60 years are winning for women the right to earn a living by boxing professionally, working in coalmines or serve as front line combat troops.

      Real men (I can’t speak for the others) always treat women with respect and as equals when appropriate. Of course if my wife and I were caught in a heavy rainstorm I’d wrap my leather jacket around her shoulders and go coatless myself. Perhaps you’d consider that patronising and condescending. My wife wouldn’t.

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