The Left Are So Hopeless, They Can’t Even Conspire Properly

I was in a thread about the Westminster paedophile cover up earlir this week, one of the subjects being discussed was the Geoffrey Dickens dossier that was conveniently lost when the current controversy over cover ups of Cyril Smith’s activities arose.

Naturally the name of ex Home Secretary and Former Future Prime Minister Leon Brittan started to be bandied about then, as Smith was not tho only MP about whome rumours had circulated since the 1980s (another, to make it a genuine all-party affair, was Greville (now Lord) Janner.

There was much good humoured banter of the nudge-nudge, wink-wink variety going on (I contributed a couple of Hush Puppies references) when a commenter who tagged himself ‘Andy’ decided to put us all straight about the Dickens dossier and sill conspiracy theories in general (and no I’m not going to give him a link, the tawt will only think he impressed me.)

He seemed to think that a statement made by Dickens in 1987, saying he believed the Home Secretary had acted properly and the dossier had subsequently gone missing when a UFO hovering over Dolphin Square had lifted three boys who had complained of being abuse and other evidence relating to Parliamentary paedophines in a tractor beam before going into warp speed and entering a wormhole that took it to a galaxy on the other side of the universe. Or something like that.

Lies, lies, and more lies. The facts are that Dickens went to see the Home Secretary in November 1983 and the following year (March 20th) a letter was sent to him from the Home Office stating that any relevant information had been passed to the Police. In Parliament Dickens acknowledged that he had always found the Home Office very cooperative and on 31 March 1987 said “I should like to place on record my thanks to the Home Office and the departments within the Home Office for following up the many cases that I keep sending to it. I should also like to thank the Attorney-General. They have been very helpful and a strength to me in my campaigns.”

As Dickens remained a member of the Commons until he died in 1995 and at no time (as far as I can see) did he object to the way the Home Secretary had acted. As you give no evidence to refute this your comments must be regarded as rubbish.

Poor Andy was blissfully unaware that since the current scandal blew up, several witnesses (including a serving Labour MP, John Mann of Bassetlaw) have said Geoffrey Dickens confided to them he had been pressured to make that statement and had ‘feared for his safety.

In fact our conspiracy theorist theorist was quite convinced the fact that Dickens statement was recorded in Hansard, the record of Parliamentary proceedings, should have put the matter to be and only right wing nut jobs kept going on about it.

Funny that, who would have thought that a lie is recorded in Hansard would make it true. Does anyone else remember a certain A C L Blair standing up in The House Of commons, waving a folder and claiming it was a dossier on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. It was recorded in Hansard.

And of course when Cyril Smith was questioned about his obnoxious appeties, Hansard records his denials. And recently, when David, (now Lord) Steel, one of the few politicians of the past 50 years that most people trusted) was asked why he did not act to ensure the Smith allegations were properly investigated he told The House Of Lords he had heard no allegations against Smith.

A few days after that a former Lib Dem employee leaked a meno steel had sent while still the leader, recommending that the party in Rochdale do whatever was necessary to cover up the Cyril Smith story. But Steel’s denial is in Hansard so it must have been true according to our reality challenged friend.

And then there’s ALL THIS:
Metropolitan Police detective’s fears of Westminster paedophile ‘cover-up’

Then there was this:
Westminster Paedophile Network update; Dolphin Square – liveleak

I really have nothing against very stupid people who readily swallow the propaganda pumped out by mainstream media, but I do wish they would not interrupt with their idiotic conspiracy theories, (“Oh yes, it’s that David Icke you know, he’s in it up to his neck, conspiring with Farage and Guido Fawkes.”) when the grown ups are trying to have a bit of fun.


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